Full Moon

AO: Big Creek

When: 07/18/2019

QIC: Snowden

PAX (4): Clyde, Olaf, Scully, Snowden


Combination of open spot on the BC Q sheet and cousin Clyde’s return, YHC thought the stars aligned for an epic chance to guest Q.  A summer cold and crazy work schedule had me rethinking this assessment.

Inspiration struck around 6 Wednesday. The 50th anniversary of 3 men literally going where no man had gone before when the crew of Apollo 11 embarked on a journey to the moon.


SSH, Sungods, Imperial walkers,

attempted Jamaican Night Clubs(this needs more work and less laughing)

Abbreviated Burpee Apocalypse

The Thang:

Rock pile for substantial MOON ROCK

Parking lot, Descending ladders.

25 LBC toll, duck walk to next line, exercise, duck walk, next line, etc. Starting at 5 reps working down.


Run it back in reverse order, including reverse Duck walks 🙂

Start the Jukebox

Round 1: Lunges (both legs =1), Coupon Overhead Press, Coupon ‘Mercins, Upright rows, Coupon Swings

Round 2: Squats, Skull Crushers, Rock-ups, Curls, Lion Kings

enjoyed the mumble-chatter of wishing Swiper was there to tell us what is was like watching the moon landing.

Deposit rocks and mosey back.

Scully given choice of girls, introduced him to Roxanne and all her glory.

Quick Mary of Flutter kicks and poorly executed Howling Monkeys


Police – Walking on the Moon

REM – Man on the moon

David Bowie – Space Odyssey

Creedence – Bad Moon on the rise

Elton John – Rocket Man

Van Halen – Outta Space


Prayers for Benny’s recovery, everyone going back to school, PAX traveling.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As I often do, I started thinking about what led to Apollo 11. How did we get there?

Do you realize we went from first powered flight in 1903, to Jet engines in 1930, Breaking speed of sound in 1947, to WALKING ON THE MOON July 20th 1969.

Amazing the progress that was made in 66 years.

What have we done in the last 50? Cell phones and social media?

In aviation, we are still using planes developed and built in the 50’s. Where are the leaps our grandfathers were making?

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