Bearpees in the dark

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/18/2019

QIC: Reubeb

PAX (3): Howser, Picker, Reuben


Another humid morning at Firehouse this am. When YHC stepped out of the car he was already sweating bullets. Not sure if I was anxious for this beatdown or if it was the weather, anyway let’s mosey!


Quick lap around upper lot and back to the flag for warm-up. All exercises IC:

  • Plank jacks
  • Weed picker
  • SSH
  • Sun gods
  • Hillbilly


The Thang:

Grab coupons from rock pile and head over to Field 1 for a Bearpee routine.  YHC was flying blind because I chose not to wear my spectacles in leu of the humidity, so in a since I was a little in the dark.

Start at line- 5 count bear crawl with 1 Burpee to end of goalie box.  We did 5 total rounds increasing our burpees each time. 5  count crawl with 5 burpees at the end in honor of the 5 total goals scored by Atlanta United last night. Great lather worked up at the end and no complaints from pax.

Thang 2:

For our the main course, we grabbed our coupons, and partnered up for a little Dora 1-2-3.  2 pax run to midfield and reverse back while 1 pax does exercises.

100 merkins

200 squat thrusts w/ coupon

300 curls


Re-deposit coupons and head to pavilion for step-ups and box jumps- 20 reps each

Mary consisted of a routine called Febreze that YHC has yearning to attempt.  Great ab workout. Pax do a ratio of the following: 2:10, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40, and 10:50 (2 BBS into 10 air presses while holding feet 6 inches off ground).

We ended with box cutters and flutters to kill the rest of the time.



Great to have Howser back after a busy summer.

We prayed for teachers starting back school, Pickers missionary friends in Guatemala getting settled, Howser’s upcoming semester at UGA, and healing for pax who are MIA.



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