A Mini-Murph on the Dark Side of the Moon

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/18/2019

QIC: TopHat

PAX (12): Zima, MillerTime, Mufasa, Pinkey, Heidi, Turbine, Lumbergh, Stifler, Stroke Seat, PitStop, Waffles


At this point, 50 years ago,┬áthe Apollo 11 astronauts are a little over halfway on their three-day journey across the 238,000-mile expanse between the Earth and the moon. We won’t go that far, but we will take a trek through the park.


A quick mosey to the flag pole for SSH, IW, and Windmills. Nothing fancy, just gettin’ warmed up.

The Thang:

Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, or MillerTime doing pull-ups
We mosey down the hill and over the creek to the Dark Side of the Moon, a.k.a. the playground equipment by the basketball courts – there’s a new module landed, but its crater is marked off by caution tape.

We break into three groups for ease of rotation and start in on a mini-Murph; pull-ups on the equipment, merkins at the bridge, and squats on the path. The rotation is a bit clumsy because of the darkness, the caution tape, some piles of dirt/mulch, and a new 2′ pony-wall around the area. The target is 50/100/150. By the time we’re complete, we’re also down one man due to a twisted ankle.

Mosey up to the lion’s pavilion for some dips and step-ups on the benches, then back to the flag. After some Freddy Mercurys, Q tossed the proverbial ball around and The Men of The Rubicon stepped up leading us in V-Ups, Burpees, Bear Crawls, a sprint, and some coupon work including curls, rows, presses and skull-crushers.


We’re all hoping Waffles’ ankle is OK, and hope to see him back soon.

All PAX are asked to think of friends, co-workers, acquaintances in the Athens area, invite them to the new-to-be-formed F3 Athens: The Pound, and get them a link to the Interest Form.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Many men are to be thanked for making today’s VQ happen: from Ha-Ha EHing me for what seems like years, to him and Defcon2 naming me at my first post (Hoppy-Like), to all the welcome I got from the guys at 2018’s Murph, to all the support and encouragement at workouts since. I will get better at my timing, I promise.


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