Walls of Jericho

AO: The Norseman

When: 07/16/2019

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (3): Nacho Libre, Peyton, Groupie


YHC fresh off his trip to Jericho decided it was time for the walls to fall down in Alpharetta.  I was a little worried that I would be alone with Ha-ha and Callahan being out of town but Groupie and Peyton were ready to go when I pulled in.


Mosey over to High School coupon pile and everyone grabs a cider.  The Pax brought them back to the parking lot for a few SSH’s, Squats, and Windmills.

The Thang:

With the cinder in hand the pax were ready to take down the walls of Jericho.  Walls of Jericho = 7 exercises then a lap around the walls aka the parking lot.

Frist exercise – Curls –  lap

Second – Press –  lap

Third – Deadlifts – lap

Fourth – Skull Crushers – lap

Fifth – Squats – lap

Sixth – Rows – lap

Seventh – Burpee w/ a block – lap

And just like that the walls were taken down.

We had enough time for a quick dora.  50 skull crushers, 100 curls, and 150 presses.  After the dora still had time for a few merkins.


Praise for a safe return from the Holy Land.  While we were visiting the Garden Tomb (one of two possible sites of the tomb) our tour guide said “I don’t know why people continue to argue over the tomb sites? Because the Tomb is empty but the Throne is occupied.”

Naked-Man Moleskin:

T-claps to Groupie!  Having joined a few weeks ago the man is killing it.  Watching him give his all in a beatdown is motivation for me!

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