The Troubadour Returns

AO: The Galaxy

When: 07/16/2019

QIC: Turbine

PAX (11): Cha Ching, Yahtzee, Blue, Sparky, Wide Right, So So Def, Speedo, Percy, Tweaker, Turbine, Venus


Making YHC’s humble Q return to The Galazy, we needed to mix up the exercises with some focus on shoulders and core.


No warm up necessary today – we got off to a hot start with Hand Clap Prison Cell Merkin Burpees (HCPCMB). Escalate from one HCPCMB at the first light post and increase by one HCPCMB at every third light post until we got to six HCPCMBs (3/4 of a lap).

The Thang:

Army CRT training

There was some foreshadowing on Slack of some Army Combat Readiness Test activities coming. We only had a tasting of the CRT activities (would be fun to do the whole thing – deadlifts and all- one day).

Pyramid starting with 1-2-2 and incrementing by one up to 5-6-6 and then back down to 1-2-2:

  • Pull up
  • Hand release merkin
  • Knee tuck – alternating grip on the pull up bar, from straight hand position bring knees/thighs to elbows, and back down to straight hand for one rep)

We all know how much we need to work on pull ups, but the knee tucks were a no joke shoulder, bicep and ab exercise.

Other Stuff

  • Balls to the Wall along the backside of the bath house
  • Partner Makhtar N’Diaye – 3 sets of 5 reps each (partner A does Makhtar with feet on planking partner B’s back)
  • Modified Lazy Dora – In sets of 20…100 x Curls while partner planks, 200 x Chest Press while partner static chest presses, and 300 x Overhead Press while partner static curls

We ran out of time to complete the Dora…everyone got into the 200s when we had to redeposit coupons and return to the flag.


Possible that 2nd F cookout bumps a week. Watch for more details on Slack.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to be out at The Galaxy. I love the effort everyone is putting in to accelerate their fitness.

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