Olympic Relays

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 07/12/2019

QIC: Readymix

PAX (4): Flo, Meatball, Splinter


A small, but committed 4-count PAX performed a solid beatdown followed by a rousing olympic-style relay (thank goodness the pool is shallow, otherwise we may all have drowned).


Our compact group did a few rounds of SSH, Weed-pickers and various warm ups with a short mosey down the avenue prior to the main course.

The Thang:

Part 1: Triangle drill including Burpies, V-ups, and Side-Straddle-Hops while the last man did a sprint up the hill followed by a Bernie Sanders back down – 2X.

Part 2: Frog Hops over plank-holding PAX over to the handrail, where we did 2X sets of Pull Ups (Horizontal style) and V-Ups again.

Part 3: Hit the pool with 2-man Olympic relays (25M) while partners did one-arm planks – 4 reps.  Losers got 1 minute of deep-end water treading while the winner were awarded with on-land air chairs.  Finished with a few more Breast-Stroke laps.


Prayer time focused on lifting up our kids and social media, wisdom for parents.

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