It’s my anniversary and all the PAX got me was a mutiny

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/11/2019

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (18): Viking, Stud-Finder, Renegade, Postal, Trickle, BlackBox, Twitch, Scratch Off, Spandex, Scar, Brownie, DC2, Manchester, Wicka Wicka, Puddle Jumper, Delicious, Laces, Stroller


Yesterday marked one year since YHC’s first F3 workout.  Is it really over one year since Spandex applied the EH?  I’ve gotta say, an EH from a neighbor is hard to turn down, unless your name is Bern- ah, never mind.  I never imagined this would be a regular thing for me, yet here we are.

In fact, after two workouts, YHC stopped going to BDs in order to train for a marathon.  It wasn’t until 2 months later that I limped back after a foot injury derailed my plans.  But 1-year anniversary is easier to say and cooler than “1 year since I skulked back with a bad foot.”

YHC planned a beatdown that would invoke the pains of beatdowns past.


Mosey to the upper parking lot with some side shuffles along the way.  Circle up for:

  • IW x 15
  • Windmill x 15
  • Moroccan Nightclub x 25

Mosey to the main pitch to heat things up.

The Thang:

Part I (Inspired by: Nacho Libre)

Nacho’s Q was my second workout.  I hurt for days after this one.  Partner up for some bro exercises.  Wheelbarrow out to the red line for 15 bro-pees (burpees with a high 5 at the top).  Flapjack wheelbarrow to midfield for 15 bro-kins.  Continue traveling via wheelbarrow and perform an additional 15 bro-pees at the red line and 15 bro-kins at the end line.  After the first set of bro-pees I truly remembered how painful this BD was.  Good work by the PAX to power through.  Mosey to the pavilion.

Part II (Inspired by: DC2’s birthday Q)

The initial intention was to replicate my VQ (since I now know those exercises only take 10 minutes…), but shoulder exercises were off the table after Part I.  Instead, I used the exercises from DC2’s birthday Q:

  • 8-count step-up x 15
  • Leg raise x 20
  • 8-count step-up x 10
  • Leg raise x 10

I think this is the closest I’ve come to not being able to call cadence during a Q!  Mosey behind the tennis courts to the coupon pile, with a set of smurf jacks while waiting for the six.

Part III (Inspired by: Spandex)

This Spandex Q was the very first BD I attended.  I was so sore I couldn’t post on Thursday of the same week or run on Friday.

Grab an “all-purpose” coupon for lifting and running.  Head to the top parking lot on the west side.  The Q called for a Speedy Dora- 100/100/100 curls, shoulder presses, skull crushers while the partner runs to the stop sign and back.  The PAX heard something else.  YHC ran first and relieved Manchester.  As I pounded out shoulder presses, I kept waiting for his towering figure to re-emerge up the hill, but he never came ☹☹.

Once we realized something was up, the Q called for the other PAX to join him and find their partners.  Mosey down to the stop sign where our partners were dutifully performing their exercises.  Apparently YHC forgot to inform the PAX that they should come back up after running to the stop sign…or, a mutiny had happened under the dutiful watch of my Co-Q!  How could he let this happen??  An apoplectic Q called for 25 OYO burpees.

While the temptation to follow with a bear crawl up the hill was very strong, YHC opted instead for an Indian run to the flag for the final dose of pain.

Part IV (Inspired by: Cookie)

Divide into two circles.  Start with a round of Monkey Howlers. PAX hold Monkey Humper position while one-by-one, each PAX performs 5 Monkey Humpers.  Go around the circle once, then switch to Ring of Fire- same principle but with Plank/Mercans.  Go around the circle twice, then everyone together for Mary.

We had time for Flutter Kicks and Dying Cockroach, then it was high time for a round of Pickle Pounders (inspired by F3 Cape Fear).  We tried to squeeze in DC2’s American Hammers, but the clock hit 0600.  Recover.


  • Prayers for Trickle dealing with equipment theft in his business
  • Praise that PJ is back safely after global travels
  • Gladiator ruckstravaganza at 0700 on Saturday. Bring a pack, weight, and water- and your 2.0 if applicable. YHC’s brother will be making his first F3 post, let’s give him a great welcome
  • Stroller to be a dad again! Prayer request for his M

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I’ve come farther than I ever imagined over the past year and it is thanks to the encouragement and inspiration from these men.  It’s also the PAX I have been fortunate to meet from around the region- Pellets, MT, El Matador, Whiz, Turbine, Ha-Ha, AFLAC, Bieber, Squeak, Devito, Mayhem, and many more.  Whether it’s running together or just seeing the crazy stuff they do on Strava, these men always challenge me to push my limits.  Thankful for them, and all who first inspired them.  Ready to go further in year 2!

What sad clowns do you know that need F3 in their lives?  Always be Headlocking!

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