60 Year Old Man Scales 7 Foot Fence

Atlanta, GA- Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, Dunwoody Crier Police Report:

12 Vandals were spotted trouncing through Vanderlyn Elementary School in the wee hours of Tuesday, July 9th. Some of them were trapped behind a 7 foot fence, however a few of them managed to scale it, including 60 year old Fireballs of Wynterhall Dunwoody. While a few are not allowed within 1000 yards of an elementary school, several were seen playing on the playground and pretending to be on the toilet. If you know any of their hospital names, please report them to the local police. Do not try to approach them on your own. They may be soaking wet and covered with grass.

The PAX: Hatchet, CIA, Scout, SnakeOil, GreenBean (Q), Leon, Fireballs, Manhole, Suds, Big Apple, Rambo, Radar *and a RedBird sighting on the DHS track!

Follow me down to DHS field flagpole for:
Toy Soldiers IC x 10
SSH IC x 15
IWs IC x 20
Merkins IC x 5, hold for plank
Low, Slow Squats IC x 15

Follow me across field (CIA- where are we going?)
Plan was to head to monkey bars, but YHC could not find the opening from upper field to Vanderlyn. Most of the lemmings followed the Q and scaled the fence, but a few wise men found their way around. Continue to follow Q around back of Vanderlyn over to playground.

Partner up for:
50 pull-ups total- while partner does merkins or squats

Plank for the six.

Follow me back to DHS track, up to bleachers for:
Dips & Derkin Pyramid
IC for 10, then 8, then 6 of each (careful not to slip!)

Next- down to field: pay no mind to the ongoing irrigation.
Circle up for Mary: LBC’s IC x 20
Up for Warrior Lunges IC to midfield x 20
Sprint to endzone (50% effort)
cirle up for mary: ABC’s IC x 20
elbow plank into Jennifer Lopez’s IC x 6
spring to midfield (75%)
bearcrawl rest of the way
mary: Mason Twist IC x 20
sprint all out to 2nd sprinkler
crabwalk the balance
Mary: Heels to Heaven IC x 20
Low Dolly IC x 20
Line up for to 50 y backward run to 50 yard line
Karaoke to end
Mary: HIgh dolly IC x 15
Karoake full lenghth back
Mosey up steps to COT

Manhole took us out. Continued prayers for Lucy Lee, Leon’s aunt in a coma- prayers for peace to her and family.

Need a Q of Saturday- Suds has been nominated!


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