The Magnificent Seven

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 07/06/2019

QIC: Zohan

PAX (7): Ha-ha, Cookie, TopHat, Pinkey, Sculley, Dosido, Zohan


Mosey to the top of the Widow Maker, Windmill, Imperial Walker, SSH

The Thang:

Escalating 1-2-3

At the top of the Widow Maker we start with 1 Burpee, 2 Bonnie Blairs (single count) and 3 Big Boys Sit-ups. Running down and back up the Widow Maker we increase the counts at the middle, bottom and top.

Top – 1/2/3, middle of the way down – 2/4/6, bottom – 3/6/9, … top again 5/10/15… going back down and finishing at the top again with 9/18/27.


We run back to the flag for a water break and to choose a middle size coupon.

Divided into 3 groups (side of group doesn’t matter). Starting at the bridge, one group run on the trail to the stone posts and back then 2nd group run then 3rd. Meanwhile, the remaining groups worked with the coupon. First round was Curls while the other two groups run. Second round the remaining groups did Squats (with coupons) while one group run and lunges (with coupons) while the 2nd group run. Third round had Wonder Bra (push forward, push up) and American Hammers with coupons.


We returned the coupons and had enough time for Inch Warm Bear Crawls in the soccer field with some Mary – Gas Pampers, Dying Cockroach and Box Cutters.


Ease of heart to those who have lost loved ones, and safe travels

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