CANADA Day Circuit

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/01/2019

QIC: Bieber

PAX (26): Raider, Free Pie, Aerial, Norco, Tweaker, Tubbs, Yankee, Chalupa (RESPECT), Roonie, Grease Monkey, Swamp Donkey, Squeak, Squeegee, OJ, Divot, Drum Stick, Bear, Sell Out (RESPECT), Sprocket, Wide Right, Aflac (RESPECT), Turbine, Brillo, Switch, Moped & Bieber


26 PAX were ready to start the week off right and at the flag at 5:30 so we moseyed to the football field parking lot for the Disclaimer and Warm-up.


  • 12 Weed Pickers
  • 12 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 SSH

The Thang:

The PAX were numbered off 1 – 6 and we headed to the football fields for the CANADA circuit.  The PAX began at their numbered-off station number and we rotated through each of the stations for three rounds.  The first round was for 1 minute, then 1:30 and the third round was 1:30 as well because of time (vs the originally planned 2 mins).

  1. Crawl & Merkins (bear crawl 5 yards, 5 merkins, crawl bear 5 yards, 5 merkins, repeat)
  2. Americanadian Hammers (same as American Hammers, but renamed for July 1st)
  3. No Surrenders
  4. Arm Curl, Overhead Press with Squat
  5. Decline Shoulder Taps
  6. Angle Cone Lunges

The explanation of the exercise at each station and the transition from station to station didn’t go as well as planned and took more time than expected, but lesson learned.

We finished up at 6:10 and began our mosey back to the flag for one round the dying cockroach before time was up. YHC was hoping to get in a round of Catch me if you Can–ada but time had run out for that.  Maybe next year.


  • 2ndAnnual Crabtree will be held on July 4thfrom 7 – 8am at The Wreck.
  • F3 Cherokee is holding a convergence on the 4thas well at Sequoyah Park. 6am for the Ruck and then a beatdown from 7 – 8am. Dredd and OBT are expected to be there.

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