Box Jumps are good, Rock Jumps are better!

AO: The Shadow

When: 07/02/2019


PAX (13): CIA, Manhole, Suds, Seles, Montross, Chain Gang, Hatchet, Radar, Grasshopper, Stripper, Snake Oil, Cashbox, (FNG) Big Apple


So Manhole put out the call and the PAX came by the car-full. 12 PAX in all swallowed the red-pill and posted to witness what a CIA Q is all about. None left wanting for more.


SSH, Windmills, Mountain Climbers, Sumo Squats all IC x 15, rinse and repeat.

The Thang:

Cherokee Run from the far driveway of Dunwoody, around the trailer park, down to Vanderlyn Drive and all the way past Vanderlyn to the playground. It gave the large PAX a couple opportunities to sprint.

Everyone grabbed a bar on the playground for a pyramid. 2 pull-ups every time, 2 4 6 8 10 Merkins, 2 4 6 8 10 Squats, and back down the pyramid. Those finishing early did planks.


Mosey to the fake grass for Mary. High Dolly (Rosalita), Freddy Mercury, ABC, Dying Cockroach, Big Boy Situps, all IC x 15.


Cherokee Run to the benches in front of Dunwoody High School.  YHC almost left half the PAX behind in an effort to make schedule.  Next were 11s – step ups and dips. Extra credit was Burpees (about 15, then SSH).


Mosey to the rock garden for Box Jumps up the steps. When that got boring, we switched to Rock Jumps – same thing, but holding a big rock.


Slowsy to the edge of the parking lot. The next exercise was courtesy of Green Bean, who fartsacked this morning.  We did an abbreviated Derkin Century until the clock ran out.


Manhole took us out. Prayers for those who serve and those who have.  Prayers for all to be safe and come home safely after the holiday weekend. Prayers for the Fartsackers.


The Q on Independence Day is Stripper. Post at 6:30 at DHS.

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  1. aye! nice work CIA, sorry to miss. Was at Cyclebar. Good to see the derkin century attempt!

    Looks like 13 PAX to me!


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