Return of The Montross

AO: The Shadow

When: 06/29/2019

QIC: Fireballs

PAX (9): Montross, Strpper, Manhole, Leon, Seles, Radar, Suds, Hatchet (FNG)


Welcome back Montross!  After an extended recovery period and much PT work the one and only Montross is back in business.  All is right with the world now.


Mosey warm up lap around the parking lot followed by dynamic warmup consisting of Toy Soldiers, Butt Kickers and High Knees – down the parking lot and back.

SSH, Imperial Walkers (proper technique for max benefit), Run Stance Switch, Mountain Climbers, Merkins – all IC x 12.

The Thang:

Cherokee Run to North Atlanta Church of Christ

Bear Crawl, Inch Worm, Crab Walk, Broad Jumps, Wheelbarrow (with partner) – all OYO x 10 or 15 depending on mood of the Q.  Followed by Mary:  Heels to Heaven, LBCs, Freddy Mercury, Obliques, Dying Cockroach, American Hammer – all IC x 10.  The idea was that we would repeat this sequence until we made it all of the way around the church – got about half way.  This was such a hit with the PAX we will repeat in the future and modify such that we can cover more ground and complete the loop.

Cherokee Run back to Austin (YES! Hills are the best).

Mosey to picnic tables for Step Ups, Derkins, Dips, Jump Ups, Derkins, Dips – all x 10.

Mosey back to front of school for Wall Sits (60 sec.) followed by Australian Mountain Climbers x 10.

Circle up for Low Slow Squats x 12, Al Gore (30 sec.), 5 Burpees OYO.


Welcome to FNG Westin (did not get sir name) but now known as Hatchet.  Recently moved here from Seattle.

Leon took us out in fine fashion.

Coffeteria was lively as always.  Remember coffeteria is officially defined as post workout gathering of the PAX for mockery, lying and coffee drinking.

Peace Out.

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