Fit Test – This Ain’t No Ordinary Tebow Tuesday

AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/27/2019

QIC: Tebow

PAX (12): Spandex (respect), Shrinkage, Cheneral, Zohan, Renegade, Stud Finder, Scrum, Laces, Brownie, Viking, Fastacker aka Manchester


On Tuesday DC2 informed me that he thought the suicides were a little played out so we mixed it up this morning. QIC showed up dressed like Captain America and ready to put the Gladiators through the paces and see if they had what it took to serve in the US military.  I completely forgot the disclaimer so good job everyone of not getting hurt today!



A quick mosey to warm up consisted of SSH, Hillbillies, and Mountain Climbers. 17 reps of each to represent every year of peacetime we’ve had since the US became a country.  That beat the thought of doing 222 reps of everything! That’s 222/239 years of war, let us never forget the sacrifice that so many have made so that we can show up safely in the gloom and enjoy a beatdown and fellowship.

The Thang:

We moseyed back to the flag and partnered up for the sit up portion. 2 minutes of as many reps as possible.  These had to be true big bois and some of our guys absolutely crushed this challenge.  Perfect scores were hit by Brownie, Renegade, Laces and Scrum (there may have been more, but not everyone wrote it down on the sheet).

We stayed put and individually hammered out as many mercans as possible in 2 minutes.  Perfect scores here were hit by Laces and Scrum.

Finally, we headed to the pitch and QIC got some mumble chatter when he let it be known that we were headed off for a 2 mile run (5 laps to the mile).  No perfect scores of 13 flat here, but Laces did hit the number for his age group of 13:13 so he kinda got a perfect score as he lapped YHC and Spandex with only feet to spare!

The Gazelles did some Lt Dan and then we sweeped up the six together clapping to “Happy” as The Cheneral closed us out (again, thanks for not dying on us Cheneral!).  Special props to Zohan who was on his 5th straight post.

We still had some time so we added some more mercans with a Jack Webb and then it was back to the flag for some quick Mary.  Dying cockroaches and American Hammers (had to get these in for an Army fit test!

Stay tuned to slack and I’ll post the charts for how to score and how we did today.


Prayers for Laces’ dad, Cliff as he is in Houston undergoing some tests to monitor his pancreatic cancer. Prayers for Bronwie’s friends son, Robert (no actual relation to Brownie) as he is struggling with an illness and his parents are challenging the doctors on his treatment.

A quick word from YHC about letting ourselves put our anxieties on God and read Phillipians 4:6-7 which is a great passage about casting your worries on God, he can always take it.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Ruck training tonight at 8pm at Vickery Village, 5755 S Vickery St, Cumming, GA 30040, (I just googled it so I could be wrong. This will be a light ruck to let everyone get introduced to rucking with little or no weight. Our resident ruckers swear by it so get on out there if you can get away.

Discussion from Viking about 4th of July plans… to which we came to no resolution… stay tuned.

Don’t forget the Saturday beatdown this week is at the Mayfair Pool, 2830 Arborwoods Drive. Should be about 30 minutes of beatdown and 30 minutes of swimming. Should be a splashing good time!

Thanks as always for letting me lead. I love this group of men and thanks for always building me up!

  • Tebow out

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