Rock Buddies Repeat

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/25/2019

QIC: Devito

PAX (13): Lumbergh, Lefty, Cookie, Pinky, Ha-Ha, MillerTime, Mayhem, Hello Kitty, Zima, Pitstop, Tophat, Manila, Devito


YHC hadn’t planned on joining the pre-run, but when you wake up at 4:20 needing to pee it becomes one of those “what the hell” moments. A good choice considering we had a decent group of 6 or so including down range visitor Hello Kitty.


Kicked off with a mosey around to the back parking lot. Circled up for IC SSH, imperial walkers, windmills and mountain climbers.

The Thang:

Warmed up, we headed to the rock pile and partnered up. Each pair selected a largish rock buddy to share and ran down to Field of Dreams. All lined up on the 3rd base line. I figured we hadn’t done rock burpee suicides in a while, so they probably missed us. One partner runs while the other exercises, then flap jack. Running was first set to the pitcher mound, 2nd set to the 2nd base line and 3rd set to the fence. Do 5 burpees at each stop and return to switch off. Baseline partner exercises were skull crushers, shoulder presses and curls. When done, partners sat back to back and passed their rock buddy. All complete, rinse and repeat.

Next we moseyed to the outfield building. Partner A BTTW while Partner B exercises, then switch. 3 rounds with goblet squats, goblet lunges and monkey humpers. With the six in, we returned our rock buddies to their home and ran over to the field by the flag. Q picked up some custom dice on the way. Around the circle rolling dice for burpees, merkins, squats, sit-ups, lunges and run. Time drew short so we returned to the flag for round robin Mary.


– Prayers for Pitstop and family

– Rubicon closed for July 4th. Head to the Wreck event instead.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Had fun with this one. Thanks to all for joining the antics. Welcome to Hello Kitty visiting from F3 Carpex. Great have you join us … hit us again next time in Atlanta.

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