Nothing beats like a wheelbarrow

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/25/2019

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (8): Sparky, Cha-Ching, Speedo, SoSoDef, Percy, Tweaker, Venus


The 5am alarm sounded and luckily I put the phone in another room – the urge to fart sack was strong today. I was the first to pull into the lot, and I took a quick pre-BD mosey to scout my area.

5:30 – we mosey


YHC called time and leaded all PAX to begin a full lap around the lower half of the park. 1/2 of the lap was spent side stepping to the left aka shuffling, and the second 1/2 of the lap was done side stepping to the right. Once a lap was completed we shook off the ache and did 1/4 lap to start our warm-up.

SSH x 15 / Weed Picker x 15 / Hillbilly x 15

Burp Circle x 2

Bat Wings – 20ct without stopping — arm circles forward, arm circles backward, seal claps, over head claps



The Thang:

Once we got nice and warm, and I mean really warm, we moved to the real deal.

Partner up – #1 is wheelbarrowed 25yds. Together each partner does 50 dirty hookups

#2 is then wheelbarrowed back to the original starting point and together each partner does 5 revers crunches.

*pretty confident all PAX decided for Bear Crawls over wheelbarrows*

This is done again for 40, 30, 20, and I don’t think anyone made it beyond 20.

Picked up the troops to finish with a final lap around the park. Aaaand it’s over.


Prayers for those traveling

thanks for the prayers for Titus – Chelsea

Galaxy cookout July 27th


Cheers – Chelsea

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