Have M.E.R.C.Y!!

AO: Firehouse

When: 06/25/2019

QIC: Reuben

PAX (2): Picker, Reuben


YHC was ready for an epic beatdown and had been planning a new routine to venture into for awhile.  The gloom was ripe for a beatin’ today!


Circle around parking lot with a little light mosey for warm-up.

  • SSH
  • Weed-picker
  • Sun gods
  • Good morning
  • Imperial Walker’s
  • 4×4’s

We continued our warm up with a little bear crawl ring of fire.  BC around circle on revolution.  1 pax does 10 merkins was IC while 2nd pax holds plank.  One more revolution BC and rotate.  2 rounds total.


The Thang:

Quick stop at the rock pile for some descent sized coupons and head over to the big hill for a M.E.R.C.Y high five routine:

5 exercises with 5 rounds.  Up and down hill 5x’s each round. Each round start at bottom of hill with coupons.

Exercises included Man Makers, Elf on the shelf, Rock-a-bye babies, crawl up hill and walk down (no coupon), squats at bottom and top with Yoke walk up and down hill.

Round 1- 1 rep for all five exercises

R2- 2 reps each exercise

R3- 3 reps x 5 exercises

R4- 4 reps “

R5- 5 reps “

****The Crawl is attempted with no reps at top or bottom of the hill. ****


With our legs and quads crying out for mercy, we headed back to flag, depositing our coupons on the way.

Mary consisted of flutters, leg lifts, LBC’s, and Nolan Ryan’s.

Prayers for continued health for missing PAX.  Prayers also for Picker’s friends who are getting ready to head out on the mission field to Guatemala.



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