Shaking Down the Walls of Cheese Fondue

AO: The Grindstone

When: 06/24/2019

QIC: Bell

PAX (6): Whiz, Cookie, Scully, Olaf, Spit Valve, Bell



YHC woke up this morning with a 7th anniversary cheese fondue hangover and needed to get things off on the right foot for the week.  So I drew some inspiration from the number 7 for the Q.


We started off with a lap around the upper parking lot before circling up for the following:

15 x SSH

10 x Sun Gods (Forward)

10 x Sun Gods (Reverse)

11 x Week Pickers (I missed my cadence so we hit one extra)

The Thang:

We made our way down to the tennis courts where we setup for the Walls of Jericho.  This routine is 7 rounds of 7 exercises with a run back and forth across the tennis courts in between each group of 7.  We did the following each round:

10 x Barishnikov Squats

10 x Merkins

10 x Groiners

10 x Calf Raises

10 x Star Jumps

10 x Dying Cockroaches

10 x LBC

After chugging through this lot (and feeling the latent effects of last nights meal/drinks), we moseyed over to the football field and grabbed a few coupons.  We paired off and did a mini-DORA with

50 x Overhead Presses, 100 x Big Boys w/ coupon, and 150 x squats w/coupon.  While partner A worked on these in the endzone, partner B did a backward run to the 50 and a forward run back.  We pancaked until all the reps were knocked out.  With about 5 minutes left, we returned our coupons, headed back to the flag for an around the horn session of Mary.


  • Registration and plans for the Fallen Five CSAUP event (July 12th).
  • Cherokee July 4th convergence
  • The GrowRuck deadline is quickly approaching.
  • 2nd/3rd F opportunity at Creekside UMC.  The Men’s Ministry is putting on a retreat Aug. 16 7pm to 9pm and Aug.17 8:30am – 2pm.  Further details will be posted on Slack.
  • Prayers for those traveling and those recovering from injury and illness.

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