Rock Buddies

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 06/22/2019

QIC: Devito

PAX (7): Hoochie, Mayhem, Scully, Boomer, Tophat, Groupie (FNG), Devito


We kicked off the morning with 3 for the Ruck and Scully as the lone ranger on a pre-run. Returned to pick up 3 more for the BD including 1 FNG.


Started off with a mosey around to the top of the lot for a quick warmup. IC SSH, windmills and imperial walkers.

The Thang:

We headed over to the rock pile to select a rock buddy. Instructions were to choose wisely as you will keep your rock buddy with you for the rest of the hour. Rock buddies in tow, we took off around the trail to the bridge. There we stopped for 25 curls. We continued around the trail to the top of the Widowmaker hill, stopping along the way for shoulder presses, standing rows, skull crushers, and front raises (25 each). At this point Tophat was having second thoughts on his rock buddy selection. From this point on several of us got to know his buddy.

With all gathered, we headed down the hill to the bottom lot. Main course for the morning was a set of 11’s. Rock squats at the top side of the lot and rock burpees at the bottom side. Once all were complete and watered, we ran back up the hill stopping at the manhole for 10 jump squats. Then over to the next parking lot for a round of 4 corners. Curls, shoulder presses, standing rows and skull crushers … 50 reps each. From there we picked up the trail and took our rock buddies back to their home, stopping for 50 squats and lunges along the way. We finished back at the flag with 5 min of round robin Mary.


Still need volunteers for Tophat’s Love Atlanta event Monday night.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always great to get back in the Q saddle at Widowmaker where I cut my teeth a couple years ago. A great crew this morning with some good chatter. A big welcome to our FNG Groupie. Stick with it.

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