False Teeth and a Toothbrush

AO: The Shadow

When: 06/20/2019

QIC: Scout

PAX (12): Seles, Madoff, Leon 2.0, Ricochet, Radar, BiBo, CIA, Suds, Grasshopper, Stripper, Fireballs and Scout


It was warm and a little bit humid in the parking lot of DHS. Our early discovery was a set of falsies and a toothbrush. Anyway…a soon to be Dirty Dozen men gathered to celebrate the day. The PAX: Seles, Madoff, Leon 2.0, Ricochet, Radar, BiBo, CIA, Suds, Grasshopper, Stripper, Fireballs and Scout posted this AM at Dunwoody High School.

The Thang:

The Thang:

In-cadence, SSH (16), Imperial Walkers (16) and Mountain Climbers (16) rinse and repeat. Next up Cotton Pickers (16), Mercans (16) and Sumo Squats (16) in-cadence rinse and repeat.

Run out of the lot and back into the first entrance. 10 Warrior Lunges, 10 Broad Jumps and 10 Bear Crawls towards the school, rinse and repeat.

Mosey to the front of the school for a Pyramid of 5 at the handrail: 1 modified pull up, 2 advanced boat canoes (ABCs) and then 3 squats, double each time until you get to 5 pull ups and then back down the pyramid to 1 pull up. Bear crawl out and to the right. SSH for the 6.

Mosey around the side of the school and partner up. One partner does Balls-to-the-wall (BTTW) while the other runs the parking lot, second round was wall sits. Someone gave us a 10 count.

Mosey around to the back of the school with a quick bear crawl mixed in to the light pole. Fun is coming. Out onto the field next to the pole vault runway, line up across from a partner and do a quick 10, no make that 11 Madoff, Burpees OYO. Since we are facing each other and in a line let’s do a caterpillar, your line planks while the man on the end crawls through the group. Nice soft ground. Each person gets 3. Now tighten up the line for Navy Seal Sit ups. (In memory of Darth Visor from Fowler Park) Link elbows and toe-to-toe for 15ish. Awesome togetherness!

Over to the flag for some Mary: 25 Low Flutters, 25 LBCs, 25 High Flutters and 25 Dying Cockroaches in a slow death cadence!

Mosey to the stairs for 20 calf raises of different flavors. Five Burpees back in the circle and Count Off!

COT: Looking to get the F3 book to our new guys…does Bean have it? Recognize that we all get a turn at the back of the pack and all have good and bad days. F3 is not about beating the guy next to you but improving yourself while enjoying the close comfort of the workout. Seles took us out with prayers.

BiBo remember to go to work today as it is not Saturday….if you want to that is.


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