Test Day at the Hooch – June 2019

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/19/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (15): Scrooge, Pooh Bear, Boomer, Popper, Saint2.0, Meadowlark, Meat Ball, Piggy, Splinter, Ready Mix, Simba, Goldfinger, El Matador, Dough Boy


It was a cool 45 degrees back in December when we last took up the Army Physical Fitness Test… a cooler than normal summer is now upon us, and 6 months to the day had come, so it was time to check our progress of old faithfuls and RNGs. This day had been on our Q Sheet for several weeks!

This is a great baseline/benchmark/litmus test to see where you are so that you can compare to at some point when we test again. Your only goal is to get stronger and more fit… and your only competition is yourself.


Warm up exercises to stretch a little followed by a mosey lap to show off the parking lot lap.

The Thang:

The Army PT test includes:

  • 2 Minutes of Merkins (partner up, count and encourage)
  • 2 Minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups (partner up, count and encourage)
  • 2 mile run for time

You can put your age and count/time in http://apftcalculator.com/ and collect your results.

The PAX did an amazing job of picking up the 6 and getting the whole group to the finish line today. We were just a tad over time, but overall a great morning.


Prayers for healing. Prayers for us as we lean on God’s strength for the tests of life and not our own.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I mentioned before, and did again this morning. I am truly amazed that I got through what is probably the first spring in a decade without regularly needing to rely on my rescue inhaler, in fact, I have not had to use it at all the past 3 months. I don’t even really know where it is. It is an incredible feeling and it’s only going to get better from here.

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