AO: The Shadow

When: 06/15/2019


PAX (9): Fizz, Radar, Sleeper, Manhole, Seles, Madoff, Green Bean and Suds


If something is worth doing , it is worth doing more than once!


2 sets: 15 x SSH, mtn climbers & imperial walkers
Long mosey to bottom benches at DNC

The Thang:

10 x box jump & 20 x derkins

Run to top of DNC –

30 x prisoner squats & 40 x leg raise

Run to bottom benches

repeat 5 times

Mary – 15 x LBC, H2H, ABC, low dolly, american hammer

Mosey to middle of DNC hill

7’s – diamond merkin/prisoner squat

Mosey to top of DNC hill

5’s – dive bomber merkin/prisoner squat

Mosey back to school

2 sets: 60 second Wall sit/ 15 x military merkin



Gean Bean tooks us out with a fine pre-Fathers day message.

I can’t remember any other announcements, I know I am missing something.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good morning to work out at the Shadow!

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