No pinky, No problem

AO: The Grindstone

When: 06/17/2019

QIC: Cookie @blunsford4

PAX (4): Spit Valve, Bell, Sculley, Cookie


YHC warned the PAX there would be lots of running and lower body exercises in the gloom today as he hurt his pinky finger this weekend in a rather bizarre swimming incident.  Aside from the ugly looking splint, YHC showed up at 5:25a and was ready to roll.  3 other PAX were willing and able to join.


Long mosey around the park on the dark path guided by a headlamp, stopping for SSH, Windmill & Weedpicker

The Thang:

  • Short mosey to the base of the grass hill for 11’s.  American Hammer at bottom and Copperhead Squat at top (or Carolina Drydocks for those with functional pinky fingers)
  • Continue the mosey around the park with some lunge walks waiting for the 6
  • At the long parking lot, we lined up for DB drills all the way down, and halfway back
  • Keep moseying around, this time stopping at the football field for BLIMPS (burpees, lunge, imperial, merkins, plank jacks, squats)
  • A few modifications were made by YHC including Bonnie Blairs exchanged for Burpees
  • Last up was a sprint to the flag and 4 minutes of Mary, with each PAX leading an exercise


Prayers for sadclowns in the community that need something like F3 in their lives.  Praise for Gladiator’s 1 year anniversary tomorrow. TCLAPS to Spandex and Scar for branching out and starting the AO with great success in year 1

Naked-Man Moleskin:

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