“The unexamined life is not worth living”

Where: TheWreck
When: 14 June 2019
PAX: AFLAC, Swamp Donkey, Deadbeat, GMonkey, Circus, Rooney, Cardinal, FreePie, Divot, Yankee, (the original) Banjo, Tubbs, Bear, O.J., Foley, Bronco, Zima, Rusty, Switch, Bieber

QIC: Sprocket

The mission: construct a beatdown good enough to test the youngest of the Wreck’s Warbaby crowd and satisfy the saltiest of its Wardaddies both physically and mentally. The operational order: a coupon beatdown that included a fair bit o’ running (since that’s what seems to be most Wreck’er’s second favorite outdoor activity after drinking beer I guess). Armed with a playlist of gritty ‘80’s covers, YHC donned the Wreck’s (new-ish) bday boy vest and called the PAX at 0530 to start their Friday off properly.

Warm Up

Lead the PAX up and over to football field parking lot for:
SSH x25, Mtn Climbers x25, Cotton pickerx15, windmillx15 and hillbilliesx15. The next order of business was for all PAX to select “suitable” coupons from the drainage ditch at the end of the lot and proceed to the playground area for an early bday celebration:

The Thang

Sprocket’s B-Day Beast Beatdown:

Successive sets of 10-8-5-3-5-8-10 reps of all exercises below *with a ~200 yard run between each*

Rows -w/coupon
Thrusters – w/coupon
Overhead lunges – w/coupon

Not surprisingly, the resident Wardaddy and Warbaby were in heavy competition to finish the final round when YHC announced it was time to begin the after-party at which point all PAX returned coupons at nearby drainage ditch and line up for..

Morning call -twice the burn edition.
Two-by-two, PAX knocked out 5 pull-ups each while those awaiting their turns performed 5 Merkins.

With less than 4 minutes left on the clock, YHC directed the PAX to return to the flag and begin doing Mary as YHC grabbed the sound system and made back in time for a couple of rounds of dying cockroach, LBC’s and boxcutters.


After counting off and making certain no PAX had been left behind, all were notified of more opportunities to run at Hogwallow on Saturday a.m.’s as well as for any PAX interested to head toward C.L.C. for coffeeteria.

Nekked Man Moleskin

MEMENTO MORI “remember, death comes”

As he had a captive audience, YHC took the opportunity to remind the PAX that regardless of how much we strive to improve ourselves physically, these bodies will eventually wear out, age and succumb to the fate to which all mortal men must face. Furthermore, there’s a part of every man that will live somewhere forever. So, YHC implored the PAX to reflect upon and live in light of this fact.

but, so as to not to leave things on too somber a note, YHC left the PAX with two more words…

MEMENTO VIVRE “Remember to live—today”

With the realization that a man’s life on this earth is finite, YHC admonished the PAX to take the opportunity to be the best husband, father, uncle, boss or employee he can be. Furthermore, with this Sunday being Father’s Day, to take the opportunity honor his father however it might be possible. While it’s true that some PAX have had great men to look up to in their father, others may not have. Those are facts which must be faced. However, the good news is that we fathers have the opportunity to improve in our role and be the noble father we didn’t have, or, improve on an outstanding legacy. With that said, YHC wished his brethren a Happy Father’s Day.

It’s a honor to be in the company of such High Impact Men.

Sprocket out.

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