Where’s Slim?

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/12/2019

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (35): Sprocket, Banjo, Whiff, Foley, Squeak, Rusty, Brutus, Backside, Swamp Donkey, Chalupa, Boomstick, Thumper, I-Beam, Circus, Tumbleweed, Hat Trick, GOAT, Miller Time, Aflac, Bronco, Wide Right, Double D, Free Pie, Raider, Bieber, Rooney, Yankee, Tweaker, Tubbs, Dead Beat, Ariel, Thud, Sell-Out, Manchester



Here’s how this went down. The evening prior Thumper and YHC were finishing up a 3rd F Bible study.

Thumper: What do you have planned for tomorrow?

YHC: Nothing yet. Let’s see if Slim is home. We’ll grab the cinders.

10 Minutes later…

Slim (eating a bowl of cereal and watching us load cinders): HC. I’ll be there.


As 0530 approaches there are serious concerns around the available quantity of cinders (not yet visible to the PAX). And while Aflac eagerly proposed splitting the Q, YHC was confident we could handle the crowd. Off we moseyed in the most unlikely GMonkey direction. Finally finding a suitable parking lot we did a quick warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods and Windmills.

The Thang:

From there we continued over to the football field, stopping at the Sweat Wagon to pick up our cinders. YHC was amazed that we only needed one alternate coupon for the PAX. We circled up at midfield for an encore edition of Cinder Deck of Death. The PAX took turns pulling cards and performing said number of exercises according to suit:

Diamonds:  Derkins

Hearts: Thrusters

Clubs: Rows

Spades: Kettle Bell Swings

Jokers were intended to be a Hot Lap around the field, but YHC was reminded of his mosey hatred, especially when winded. So the next lap would simply be a crab walk around the cinder circle, contrary to Foley’s belief that he could call the shots.

So back to the intro. something was missing. No loud raspy complaints or insults from the PAX. Where was Slim??? Probably still eating a bowl of cereal.

With time running out we didn’t quite finish the deck. Instead we dropped off our coupons (apparently on top of my truck keys) and headed for the flag. Enough time for a couple rounds of Mary including Foley’s suggested burpees.


Crazy Love after.

Prayers for Chelsea’s son (Titus) following appendectomy.

Prayers for Bear’s family – passing of his M’s grandmother.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead such a great turnout. Thanks, men.

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