A Feathery Feast

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/12/2019

QIC: Feathers

PAX (9): Boomer, Popper, Doughboy, Jimbo, Hamburgler, Curry, Piggy, Stroller


The herd was thin this gloom, with half of the Hooch loyalty out of town for Summer revelry.  Undaunted, we  persevered.


Quick mosey and a typical Warm-O-Rama of SSH, Weed Pickers, and Imperial Walkers to get the old joints lubed up.

The Thang:

Short mosey to the ‘racetrack’ behind Twisted Taco.  Partner up for an ab-focused relay.  Partner 1 exercises while Partner 2 runs halfway around the track, drops for 5 burpees, and returns swap.  300 LBC, 200 Reverse LBC, 100 American Hammer.  Some of us were able to follow instructions.

‘Nother short mosey to the Waffle House lot, where some of the PAX petitioned for a smothered-and-covered gastro workout.  Line up for partner chest ladder.  Partner 1 plank walks to first parking line while Partner 2 stays behind performing their choice of Merkins.  When partner 1 hits the line, he commences Merkins while Partner 1 plank walks to join him, and so forth until the 4th line is reached.

After a 10 count, the Pax lined up for a 3 minute Superman/Banana interlude, then a repeat of the chest ladder back to our starting point, followed by 3 rounds of Circle Burp and individual ladder shuttle run, and an almost Marvel-themed 8 MOM consisting of Dollys, Dying Cockroaches, 6 Inchers, Merkins, Gas Pumpers, Peter Parkers, and Thors.

Close out with OYO back to the flag and burpees for the 6.


Continued prayer for the VBS team in Tanzania (led by our own Splinter), and for friends fighting the big C.  A focus on our marriages and our call to be more intentional in our roles as husbands.  In this age and stage it is too commonplace, and accepted, for couples to devolve into mere roommates.  We must stand against the cult of the average by loving and leading our families as we are designed.

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