Sara also has Donuts and Feathers made a Friend

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/10/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (14): Flo, Feathers, Zohan, Piggy, Curry, Puff Daddy, Boomer, Goldfinger, Popper, Sunshine, Jimbo, Tigger, Meatball


Popper and Flo had a 2 man SLR this morning and came in already soaked in sweat. We circled up and noted that there were no FNGs. Standard disclaimers and we’re off.


We haven’t made the Statebridge/141 sidewalk trek recently, so YHC figured we could mosey to the John’s Creek High School hill this direction. With a quick stop by Sara’s Donuts for some glazed over warm ups.

  • Windmill
  • SSH
  • Weedpicker
  • Moroccan Night Club

Mosey, past the Ambulance, down the sidewalk to the hill.

Before jumping into the Thang, YHC thought we could do a quick round of Sunshine Special (and now I know what it is called) which consists of the PAX doing 15 OYO silent cadence count Side Straddle Hops. Must end on 15. The failure for anyone incorrectly counting or not stopping on 15 is 10 Merkins for the entire group.

Let’s just say we did three rounds (YHC failed round 2 for the PAX) which was 45 SSH and 20 Merkins

The Thang:

Homer and Piggy’s rock looked more like an Eclair than a Donut

Mosey to the rock pile. Grab a partner and a rock per partner. Back to the hill.

Today’s main Thang was 300 arm curls and 200 skull crushers as a team while partner ran up and down hill. There was some planking going on as the six came in.

Next, we deposited all but one rock at the pile. We then started an indian run the back sidewalk path all the way toward the flag. The runner carried the rock to the front of the line and then passed it back through the PAX. The last runner ran up with the rock to the front. Rinse and repeat. Mileage may vary.

Before getting to the flag, YHC attempted to lead the Hooch men through something he picked up from Squeeky at The Yard this past Saturday. Basically, the PAX lines up facing one direction in a plank while passing a rock underneath to the man beside you. As soon as the rock was passed, you would bear crawl to the end of the line facing the other direction… rinse and repeat. It somewhat worked.

Ended with about 8 minutes of Mary which included Freddy Mercury, Peter Parkers, Box Cutters, Dolly, Merkins, Dying Cockroach, Resurrected Cockroach, and some others. We also discovered that Sunshine had been laying on a Dung Beetle… Feathers said Hi, and imprinted on the little guy. He made a friend.


We circled up and prayed for a family who had just lost a little girl to cancer. Prayers for little Popper dropping a weight on toe, and prayers for those who are traveling this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Lots of opportunities to get out and meet up with other men around F3Alpha. Let’s support the Sandlot on Tuesdays and the others around the region. It’s really great to meet men around who are accelerating like we are. It’s also encouraging to see new faces. The Yard in Lawrenceville officially kicks off this Saturday.

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