BA Frog

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/10/2019

QIC: SmackDown

PAX (12): Bieber, Goat, Free Pie, Rooney, Tubbs, Thumper, Hattrick, Moped, Sprocket, Aflac & Switch


The rain was no match for 12 HIM’s at The Wreck this morning. YHC wanted to crawl back into bed so bad, but alas, the skies were lightning-free and the PAX was ready to punch Monday in the face!


Circle under “cover” around workout equipment for some SSH’s (25), Imperial Walkers (15) and Windmills (10) to get the blood flowing!

The Thang:

Role Call
Pax circles the pull up bars in plank position. One person grabs the bar for 5 pull-ups while the Pax does 5 merkins simultaneously. Rinse-and-repeat until each member has done 5 pull ups.

Mosey to the football field, high fiving a Chihuahua-sized frog on the way. Seriously, there shouldn’t be one insect left in the park with this guy around! At what size does a frog become a toad? We should definitely name him Arnold. Anyway, I digress…

7 of Diamonds on the Gridiron: Pax runs around the field performing exercises at each corner.
– Round 1: 7 Burpees at each corner
– Round 2: 14 Merkins at each corner
– Round 3: 21 Big Boy Sit Ups
– Round 4: 28 Kobe’s (double-count)
– Round 5: 21 BB Sit Ups
– Round 6: 14 Merkins
– Round 7: 7 Burpees

Indian Run back to the flag. The long way, by the pond.


Thanks for showing up today guys. I knew the numbers would be small, but 12 is fantastic considering the weather. Always a pleasure to lead!


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