Deck of Death? or No Rest Haven

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/06/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (7): Stifler, Cookie, Devito, Trebek, Pinky, Pitstop


7 PAX are ready to go at game time. Q called for bright colors as we will be visiting a new locale for BD’s.


A short mosey up the parking lot for some SSH and IWs

The Thang:

Half Merkin Half Mile. We start down Wills Dr with 5 burpees at the speed humps and 5 merkins at the intersections. Instead of circling the block we go right and down the hill past Rest Haven cemetery to the brand new parking deck of Alpharetta.

The lot is wonderfully lit and clean. I have no idea of the layout so I start light with 5 merkins at each turn.
A total of four levels makes for a good round at this deck. Down the stairs and start again:

2nd round: 10X mountain climbers
3rd round: 10X LBC
4th round: 10X Squat Jumps with overhead clap

The lot gives some nice views over the cemetery next door (hence the BB name and potentials for deck name to be determined) and will be good cover on rainy days without having to go as far as the old deck.

We head back around the block continuing the merkin mile with 5 merkins at each intersection all the way to the flag. (Should have kept count but I estimate 75 total in the BD, a fitting number)

Freddy Mercury
Bring the new with Fire Hydrants (Thanks Stu). An exercise made for grass. Q gets busted elevating his knees on the asphalt.
Homer/Marge (6 inch hold, legs straight up)


We pray for those lives lost and involved with D-Day 75 years ago.

TNT by Devito discusses the change we see in generations and for us to really think about the legacy we want to leave with our children or who is influencing them online. The next generation is the first poised to have it worse than their parents…ever. Are we setting them up for success? D-Day is a good reminder of sacrifices of the past and how many of those never left a legacy because of their ultimate sacrifice.

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