AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/06/2019

QIC: Zohan

PAX (10): Scar, Laces, DC2, Sox, Puddle Jumper, Twitch, Tebow, Scrum, Brownie, Zohan


This was the long awaited Zohan’s VQ in the Gladiator. I was signed up before, a few months ago, but had to cancel after I heroically broke my pinky.  I did not Q to impress the ladies, I did not Q to show my prowess to the pax. I did it for one and only one reason – to get the coveted Gladiator key chain!


Mosey around the building, SSH x15, Weed Picker x15, Hill Billies x15, Plank Jacks x15

The Thang:

Mosey to the field for some Merkin Suicides – 10 Merkins on the box line and run back, 10 Merkins and 10 Wide Merkins on the middle line and run back, add 10 Stagger Merkins on the box at the other end and finally add 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Some PAX asked for a 10 count. The Q decided they can count while running to the next location.

Mosey to the small hill for some Dora. One partner runs up the hill and back, then switch. 50 V Ups, 100 American Hammers and 150 LBCs.

We switched partners heading to the grassy patch next to the wall. One partner does Balls to the Wall while the other does 30 Peter Parkers, then switch. 2nd round 30 Squats and 3rd round 30 Monkey Humpers.

Deciding that the wall had a lot of potential, Q decided to reuse it with 11s, starting with 10 Donkey Kicks at the wall and 1 Bonnie Blair at the other end of the parking lot.

With only a couple minutes left for a Mary, we did Gas Pumpers, American Hammers and Mountain Climbers.


Reminders of upcoming 2nd F and Chattanooga event. Prayers for peace in the family, health and safe travels.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Alas, I did not receive my key chain, as Spandex went to his own version of a beatdown (good luck, man!). I guess I’ll need to come back.

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