Wreck 2nd Anniversary

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/05/2019


PAX (63): Whiff (FNG), Circus, Sprocket, I-Beam, Tweaker, Digits, Percy, Swamp Donkey, Squeal (formerly Banjo), Mad Dog, Zima, Windex, Spandex, Yankee, Bronco, Polaroid, Rooney, Backside, Defcon 2, Stroller, Mayhem, Switch, Chalupa, Double-D, Thumper, Mufasa, Shrinkage, Cookie, Thud, Doogie, Tubbs, Manchester, Squeak, Beiber, Scar, Ha-Ha, Whiz, Crablegs, Foley, Dootie (FNG), Booter, Rusty, Boomstick, Brutus (FNG), Raider, Pitstop, Twitch, Skid, Kegger, Virginia Slim, Tebow, Tumbleweed, Grease Monkey, Headset, Free Pie, Bear, Squeegee, Wide Right, Chelsea, Smackdown, Gilmore, Cardinal, AFLAC


The Alpha PAX were out in force today, with 63(!) HIM’s in attendance to commemorate The Wreck’s 2nd Anniversary, obliterating the previous high-water mark of 34.  With I-Beam on the promotional bandwagon, YHC had suspicions that this event would produce a large turnout, and with clown-cars rolling in by the dozen at T-5 it was clear that our regional F3 brothers were ready for a rumble.  As 0530 drew near with PAX doing their level best to wake up everyone within a country mile, it was time to get this band of brothers rolling.


Mosey around the parking lot to sweep late arrivals, then up the main drag toward the large parking lot near the football/LAX fields.  Some pretty impressive mumble-chatter from the PAX who were clearly enjoying catching up with brothers that they haven’t seen in a while.

Circle up, and following a quick disclaimer and FNG check (we had 3), we got things moving with the following:

  • SSHs
  • Windmills
  • Hillbillys
  • Merkins

The Thang:

Upon surveying the huge circle of PAX, it was clear to YHC that he planned accordingly.  As schemed in advance with his brother in pain (I-Beam), YHC directed PAX to count off by two’s to facilitate a dual-Q snot woggle that would surely shut down any lingering chatter.  Accordingly, YHC and I-Beam got moving in their smoke boots and led their respective PAX to each field for the first portion of the BD, consisting of the following:

  • Starting at the goal-line, Bear-crawl 10 yds and perform 1 Burpee.
  • Rinse/repeat every 10 yds to the opposite goal-line, adding 1 Burpee each time resulting in 10 Burpees at the opposite goal-line.
  • Reverse course, Crab-walk 10 yds, perform 9 Burpees.
  • Rinse/repeat every 10 yds to the original goal-line, subtracting 1 Burpee each time.

As for YHC’s half of the PAX, TClaps for Mayhem and others who completed their ladder and circled back to motivate the six.  Also, Strava fly-by is the gift that keeps on giving here (methinks Scar misplaced another glove):

With 20 min remaining on the clock and finishers working on some Mary, it was time to partner up for Round 2.  Each Q directed PAX within their group to select a partner while moseying up the hill toward Wreck’s official Beer-Mile loop for some old-school Dora 1-2-3.  Partner 1 would perform an exercise while partner 2 ran around the pond.  Exercises included:

  • 50 Burpees (cumulative)
  • 100 Merkins (cumulative)
  • 150 Jump Squats (cumulative)

YHC recalls more than a little chatter from the PAX about the lack of diversity in exercise choice, resulting in some performing somewhere North of 130 Burpees depending upon the swiftness of their partner.

As 0610 approached, Q directed Squeegee to sweep the six before leading PAX back to the flag.  Only a minute left for Mary, which clearly meant that some Diamond Merkins were in order.  YHC believes he heard Randy “Macho Man” Savage performing Sweet Caroline in the background, but that may have just been the vapors getting the better of him.


  • Profound truth-nugget shared by I-Beam.
  • D-Day remembrance by Sprocket.
  • A hearty welcome to FNG’s Dootie, Brutus, and Whiff.
  • Renaming of Banjo (Rubicon version) to Squeal.  As always in PAX renaming, be careful what you ask for, especially at the Wreck (where there is a very rich and sordid history).
  • Congrats to Squeegee who was nominated as Wreck’s next Site Q.
  • Gladiator 1st anniversary:  BD on 6/18, 2nd F on 6/19 at Senor Patron (1900).  Be there!
  • Special thanks for Spandex for bringing his world-famous traveling coffeeteria (even if he didn’t bring enough cups).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As mentioned at COT, Q cannot imagine starting his day any other way than grinding through a suffer-fest with these HIMs.  It was truly an honor to serve as site Q over this past year, which culminated in an incredible showing of support from regional PAX to celebrate the 2nd anniversary.  YHC draws inspiration from all PAX that attend, and especially those that tote 2 additional generations along to join in the festivities (Digits, Squeegee, Dootie).  Truly awesome.

AFLAC out.

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