My watchband has to be around here somewhere…

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/04/2019

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (12): Pellets, Bo Knows, Stifler, Lefty, Pinkey, Lumbergh, Trebeck, Waffles, Zima, Devito, FNG Banjo


Another glorious day in the Rubicon gloom.  YHC has survived another round of youth soccer tryouts, and is thoroughly proud of Waffles (#11) accomplishing his goal of being selected for a higher level team!


The pax moseyed toward downtown Alpharetta, pausing for warm-up pain stations:

  1. SSH
  2. merkins
  3. Imperial walkers
  4. some other stuff I forgot

The Thang:

It was a morning for unconventional activities:

  1. Tunnel of Love – Pellets tried to disguise his low endurance as “I have to look for my wife’s missing watchband”, which was in his pocket all along.
  2. 2 Man Chair Carries – 2 pax carried a third the length of the field, swap, and carry someone else back
  3. One Ring to Rule Them All – My own invention.  The pax sit in a circle, do 11 flutter kicks, roll CCW to their RIGHT (despite what Zima said) onto their stomachs for merkins.  Roll CCW again for more flutter kicks, roll again for merkins, rinse and repeat until the mumble chatter reached deafening volume.
  4. Bear Brawls – Partner up.  One person bear crawls, the other provides resistance.  Go the distance and then flapjack.  Much fun was had!
  5. 3 Person Team Pushups – Finish out with 5 good reps to close the beatdown.


Prayers and Praises

  1. Stifler and his M bought a house!
  2. Lumbergh and his 2.0 leave for Costa Rica Mission Trip on Saturday

FNG – a kayaker – was anointed “Banjo”.  That was fun to try to explain to Waffles on the drive home…

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