What hill?

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/03/2019

QIC: Thumper

PAX (21): Thumper, Aflac, Sprocket, Squeegee, Turbine, Windex, Yankee, Sellout, Divot, Bieber, Circus, Bronco, SwampDonkey, Rooney, Bear, Foley, I-Beam, Moped, Backside, Raider, SmackDown


Alarm rang at 5:10… But, the QIC didn’t hear it or chose to sleep in a little bit on his last day being 34 years old.  At 5:19 I realized that I couldn’t sleep through this one – it was my b-day Q.  I didn’t sign up for this, but my name was on the Q-Sheet.  21 PAX strong despite my daring people to post.

I donned the 20# birthday vest, said a quick disclaimer, and hit the road for a field trip to Knoll Woods Hill.


No time for a warm-up, we had a field trip. Mosey’d to the hill, only needed one stop for some Carolina Dry Docks to wait for the six – this group is getting strong in the running department.

The Thang:

Arrived at the hill and got a Turbine scolding (in his best dad voice) to keep our voices down – apparently everybody in Roswell doesn’t wake up at 5:30… I say they should.

Partnered up for DORA 123 with 100 Merkins, 200 Big Boys, and 300 Jump Squats. Partner One did reps, Partner Two ran (sometimes) the hill and back to relieve Partner One.  Rinse and repeat through the reps.  6:00 rolled around and we still had a mosey back to the flag – including another climb.

Mary til the end.

Simple, but not easy.  Ended with about 3 miles and 475 ft of elevation climbing.


2-Year Anniversary of THE WRECK on Wednesday.  Be there.  We want at least 50.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I couldn’t muster a lot of words this morning after the beatdown.  It was either the weight vest’s impact or, more likely, trying to avoid tears.  You have been such a blessing to me these last two years.  I first posted about a week after The Wreck launched in 2017.  I have loved the friendship and motivation.  I will miss this group of sad clowns.  My last day in the U.S. for a while will be July 26. Thanks for the three F’s.  I pray that you will continue in strength physically (Fitness), keep up the Fellowship, and not neglect the Faith part.

Thanks again.

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