Get Back Up Again

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/03/2019

QIC: El Matador

PAX (14): Sunshine, Boomer, Ready-Mix, Saint 2.0, Splinter, Homer, Popper, Pooh Bear, Piggy, Noonan, BallBoy, Meatball, Puff Daddy


YHC broke in June for the PAX with the usual warm-up.  The Shield Lock Run had a strong 5 in attendance, and we enjoyed a little cooler weather.  After the mosey and warmup, the Q broke out ol’ Chumbawamba.  Running in place with burpees every time we got knocked down.  A few PAX had some choice words for repetitive songs!

We moseyed over to the soccer field for partner carries.  This is always a good, draining exercise that pushes the PAX to get stronger.  10 minutes of merkins and partner carries did it, with some Mary while waiting for the six.  Then we stayed around the field for 11’s, diamond merkins and squats.

Moseyed over to a curb and, after avoiding some ants, we enjoyed some clock merkins before heading back to the former “Hurricane’s.”  The Circle Burp was a nice cap to this workout.  YHC could tell that no one wanted to do 2 rounds, but it felt like just the thing to push us mentally and physically – a little farther than we wanted to go.  An Indian Run and 4 minutes of Mary finished off the Beatdown.

Please pray for Splinter as the team heads to Tanzania.  They’ll be working with around 1000 kids, so prayers were requested for favor and spreading the Gospel.  A couple PAX are out of town ( Flo at the beach) or heading out of town (Saint to Singapore).  Pray for safety for all.  Also relationship difficulties, and a father and kids who lost their wife/mother a few weeks ago.

Thank you for letting me lead!

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