C’Mon Rusty

AO: Atlas

When: 05/31/2019

QIC: Wreck

PAX (27): Aflac, Moped, Goat, Switch, SellOut, FreePie, Sprocket, Yankee, Bronco, Hasselhoff, Circus, Tubbs, DeadBeat, SwampDonkey, Rusty, RoadTrip, Banjo, GreaseMonkey, Squeek, Squeegee, BackSide, Thumper, SmackDown, Bear, DD, Beiber, Divot


The Wreck has been beat down city the past few weeks so it was crucial to keep the pain coming as a steady drip. With arms and shoulders going numb it was time for the back and legs. It didn’t rain but there was moisture in the air.


Mosey to the last parking lot at the Wreck. Began the warm up with 21 side straddle hops then followed with 15 weed pickers, 20 toy soldiers and 20 arm circles both ways. It was also announced that any time any member of the PAX said “C’Mon Rusty” everyone had to drop for a burpee. Rusty loved it. Aflac loved it more.

The Thang:

After the warm up we mosey’d to the “wall” for 50 single leg step ups, 30 dips and 20 decline merkins. Rinse and repeat for a second round. Mosey’d to the rock/boulder pile and headed over to the football field for four corners. Once on the football field, all rocks were placed in the end zone. The PAX bear crawled to the 25 yard line, walking lunged to the 50 and jogged it to the other end zone followed by yet another 25 yards of bear crawls then a sprint to the rock pile (pick your own rock….first one there gets first pick). It’s important to note that Tubbs chose the largest rock (at least 50 lbs) and Rusty is the one who put it there.

Then, with the rock, we began four corners:

  • 50 chest presses (first stop)
  • 50 Romanian dead lifts (stacked….chest presses then dead lifts and so on..)
  • 50 bent over rows
  • 50 arm curls

To get to the next station we performed the walking lunge.

Time was running out so we returned the rocks and formed two lines for and Indian run back to the flag. Time was up upon arrival.

There were around 15-20 burpee’s via “C’Mon Rusty”. The group really peaked with Rusty called a C’Mon Rusty unintentionally. It was quite the celebration.


2 year anniversary is this upcoming Wednesday.

Prayers for Crab Legs and Foley with new babies. Divot announced a baby is on the way (boy due in Nov). God is great and life is good.

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