Bushwood 2.0, no doodie, no pool, but we had a Noonan

AO: The H0.0ch

When: 05/31/2019

QIC: Flo

PAX (14): Readymix, Boomer, Saint20, Sunshine, Hollywood, Stickers, Meatball, Scrooge, Poohbear, Feathers, Homer, Noonan (FNG), Popper (SLR only)


14 PAX showed up for a rebooted Bushwood H0.0ch offering to find that they would be staying dry this day.  Unfortunately, the gate is under repair and is secured under lock and chain until repairs have been made.  We certainly could have broken in, but YHC wasn’t sure we could have easily gotten out.  A good leader stays calm and improvises, and YHC is on a constant path to improve leadership skills.


Disclaimer as we moseyed up the big hill.  At the top we did some shhh quiet SSHs and then back down the hill for some merkins and weed pickers.

Over to the playground.

The Thang:


Each PAX assigned a station, one guy was designated as our “timer”.  He was responsible for running back up the big hill until he hit Cottage Farm.  When he got back we rotated, he assimilated in to the rotation, and someone else was the timer.  Stations included:  Pull-ups, split squats, ball slams, bicycles with press, pistols squats, squat lunge combo, step-ups, inverted wide rows, inverted narrow rows, and hop overs.  Roughly 2 minutes per station.

We got a lot of leg and pulling work today.  You are welcome.

Next we brought Sally up and down with some merkins and leg lifts.

Lastly, all ran back up the big hill for good measure.


Name-o-rama: Our new friend’s first job was a cart guy at a country club and his first beatdown was at Bushwood H0.0ch so Noonan from caddyshack seemed fitting.

We lifted up Feather’s friend’s family as the cope with loss, Splinter’s upcoming trip, the group in general, and Sticker’s work situation.

Great day surrounded by great men of Johns Creek (and surrounding areas).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Let’s keep grinding, pushing each other and others to join!





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