Rest & Recovery

YHC thought about bailing as Q last night with an upset stomach and some exhaustion from the Murph and spin class. But Sleeper was unavailable to cover for me (5 beers in at the Braves game- and wearing his F Bomb socks), so I went to bed and woke up surprisingly fresh. Very hot AM, possibly a record: 72-73, thus far this year.

The PAX: Suds & Madoff (late arrivals!), CIA, SnakeOil, Switch (who by the way also posted with us for The Murph in Roswell!), GreenBean, Stripper, Rambo

The Thang:
SSH IC x 10
Weed Pickers IC x 15
IW’s IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15, then hold for:
planks, various

Rinse and repeat

Follow me down steps through darkness past tennis courts over to Seles’ stop for:
LBC’s (Madoff, “what?) IC x 15
Medium Leg Raises IC x 15
Low Dolly IC x 15
Big Boy sit-ups IC x 15
Kobe Bryants IC x 15
Dying Cockroach IC x 15
Mason Twist IC x 15
Freddie Mercuries IC x 15

follow me to front of school benches for pyramids
step-ups then dips IC: 10, 12, 15
then OYO: 12, 10

follow me to rock pile for 3 sets of
arm curls IC x 15, 10

follow me to school entrance to use railing for a Mini-Murph!
5X: 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats
(solid work by SnakeOil)

follow me to picnic benches for 3 sets of dips, IC x 15

follow me back to starting parking lot. Line up facing bball field for Merkin Century! to 2nd median and back. Solid work by Switch.

Honored to Q and post with you men.

Prayers for Scott Miller who recently passed away, and his family, friend of Suds and SnakeOil. Somebody took us out (I think it was Rambo). Seles has Q Saturday!


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