Quest for 1000: take 2

AO: The Norseman

When: 05/30/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (5): Ha-Ha, Callahan, Stu, Nacho Libre


A slack call for Q confirmed my consideration that I should make a visit to Norseman today. So why not take the lead on it. I dusted off the playlist and had a couple of options ready to go once I knew the pax count.


As I start the disclaimer the headlights of Nacho’s truck is seen through the trees. We start with some SSH and IW while we watch Nacho plant the flag.

Which is worse: icy ground or dry ground?

The Thang:

We mosey up the park to the track to rehash a challenge I used at Rubicon last month (lumberghathon!)

We do the called exercise on one end and the first person to reach 50 says GO. We run to the top of the track and do 50 more and return for the next exercise. I put on some music and hope the speaker holds up but have to keep the volume lower.

Here are the rounds:

25X SSH at the bottom, 25X at the top
Merkins (50 + 50)
Overhead Claps (Stu’s time to shine)
Mountain Climbers
Flutter Kicks (Alpha count)

That is 950 reps. To hit 1000 we do 10 burpees at each cardinal direction of the track and finish with 10 more.

A mosey back to the flag for some Freddy Mercury and Box Cutters. Plus a little lesson in a new exercise that will shine at Rubicon next week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s always great at Norseman and it didn’t even threaten rain on my Q today.

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