Low Mosey Movement

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/30/2019

QIC: @IBeamF3

PAX (14): Cookie, Trebek, Pinkey, Miller Time, Devito, Oker, Zima, BoKnows, Top Hat, Lowes, Turbine, Pellets


YHC is known for not liking a lot of runner, so a low mosey was the expectation.

So we started with a long mosey to the field past the ball fields.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers 20 IC
  • Weed Pickers 15 IC
  • Toy Solider 15 IC

One lap around the field starting backwards, karaoke right and back to regular.

On the way to the FOD, we stopped for the six with Mercans 20 IC

Continued on to the FOD

The Thang:

Movement – it wasn’t fast, but we kept moving.
Rep count was to be 3-6-9-12

2 Groups (Thanks Pellets)

Group 1 – “ran” the bases

Lunge walk to first – 3 Merkins
Left Side Squat to second – 3 Werkins
Backwards Lunge to third – 3 Diamond Merkins
Right Side Squat to home – switch to group 2

Group 2 – Ran the foul lines and warning track

Run to right field warning track – 3 Bonnie Burps (a bonnie blair with a burpee)
Kareokee Left/Right to left field foul line – 3 Bonnie Burps
Run backwards to home – switch to group 1

Both groups got through 3 rounds for rep counts of 9.
YHC thinks Group 1 outperformed Group 2


Prayers for Cookie’s Family – his Grandmother passed earlier this week and is survived by his Grandfather who will now need strength to cope with the loss of his wife.


The Wreck 2 year anniversary Wednesday June 5th. Should be no conflicts for the Rubicon…. And you know we like big numbers.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

Not many originals left at the Rubicon.  Great to see the courage those men had to step away from their comfort zones and start something new.
Ha-ha, TO, Scar, Spandex, Myself, Bear, Turbine, Nacho Libre, and I am sure there were others that went North before myself.  Keep it up!  Let’s find the next spot to save the sad clowns.

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