Introducing Dora to the Aparkalypse

AO: The Grindstone

When: 05/29/2019

QIC: Bell

PAX (3): Bell, Inseam, Sculley



YHC decided to keep it fairly simple today and kind of did things on the fly.


After a mosey around the football fields, we stopped for the following:

15 x SSH

10 x Weed Pickers

10 x Hillbillies

The Thang:

We made our way over to the Aparkalypse for a slightly modified Dora.  We grabbed a couple of coupons and partnered up.  Partner A started off doing a set of 25 curls while Partner B ran halfway down the parking lot and stopped to AMRAP Merkins.  Once partner A was done, he ran down and partner B would then head over and do a set of curls.  We continued to flapjack in this manner until we reached 100 curls.  We repeated with sets of Shoulder Presses until we hit 200 reps while AMRAP LBCs.  Then finished with 300 Bent Over Rows and AMRAP Squats.

We moseyed over to the baseball field bleachers and did a descending group of 3 exercises starting with 10 Dips, 10, Step-Ups, and 10 Inclined Merkins.  Round 2 we did 8 reps of each and continued down by 2 counts until we did 2 reps of each.

Afterwards, we moseyed on back to the flag for 2 rounds of Monkey Humpers and 1 round of Captain Thor.


Prayers for those still looking for work.  Even though the economy has improved greatly, there are still those struggling to find work and a steady income.  Additional prayers for all our aching and injured brothers.  May they return to full health soon!

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