Doomsday Clock

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/29/2019

QIC: Popper

PAX (12): El Matador, Saint2.0, Piggy, Boomer, ReadyMix, Splinter, Pooh Bear, Goldfinger, Simba, Sunshine, Scrooge, Popper


Three PAX including YHC posted for the Shield Lock Run at 5:00. In the final stretch, YHC took an unplanned detour to the Waffle House bathroom to face the mariachi music after a Taco Tuesday dinner turned bad the morning after. Nothing like the Habanero Squirts to start the Q right. Promised the WaHo staff I’d come back and buy something for their being a safe port in the storm.

Twelve strong PAX gathered at 5:30 for the main event. We remained local today to facilitate less long-distance running and more content. With no FNG’s the disclaimer was short and sweet.


  • Mosey half lap with Bernie, Side-shuffles, High knees and Butt kickers
  • Circle up for SSH, Weed picker, Windmill, Imperial Walker and Arm circles forward / backward. Sunshine reinterpreted the meaning of backward arm circles.

The Thang:

Doomsday Clock: Plank-to-Merkin

YHC posted down-range with F3 Chicago at The Bean a few weeks ago and picked up a nifty bag of tricks from our hardy Midwestern brethren. This included the Doomsday Clock routine, which generated a lot of mumble chatter during, and cheers / fist bumps after, so you know it’s a keeper. Here’s how it goes:

  • All PAX plank in a circle. Brief negotiation on planking options concluded with boasts uttered and grace shown.
  • Clockwise, each PAX does a merkin and barks the incremental count.
  • Continue for as long as possible. PAX that reach the point of failure stand and assume Al Gore stance while the rest continue.
  • Repeat until only one PAX left planking.

These 12 mighty PAX took our cumulative count to 400(!!!), with Boomer taking the gold. Piggy gave an impressive showing and took a close Silver.

10 count

Four Corners

Out with the new, in with the old: Four Corners. Split into 4  groups of 3 PAX apiece. Each group starts at a different corner, does the work, then moseys to the next corner. YHC gave no instruction on which direction to mosey between corners, causing some light confusion. Which was perfect due to our coffeteria talk on failure in leadership! Opportunity and Failure will make YHC more prepared / aware for next time. Everyone did all four corners in one order or another, so no biggie.

The four corners were:

  • Regal Theater: 5x burpees + 25x star jumps. Mountain Climber for the 6 within your group of 3.
  • Formerly Hurricanes: 5x burpees + 25x donkey kicks + Mountain Climber for 6
  • Twisted Taco: 5x burpees + 25x V-ups + Mountain Climber for 6
  • Crab Spot: 5x burpees + 25x big boy situp-standups + Mountain Climber for 6
  • Mosey to Flag

At the flag while waiting for the global 6, we did some Mary (Mountain Climber, LBC, Dying Cockroach) and tossed in another new doozey YHC picked up from our F3 Chicago neighbors: Thor’s Hammer. This is a 4-count move combining a V-up and an American Hammer. The groans and mumble chatter started even before the first rep – jackpot as far as YHC is concerned. We did about 10 of these until the global 6 was in.

10 count

Lieutenant Dan WMD’s

Mosey to Regal theater. As we flirted with 6:00 am, we earned our Mary with a final blended routine of Lieutenant Dan with intermittent WMDs.

  • Lieutenant Dan across the parking lot towards Twisted Taco. 1 squat + 4 lunges, 2 squats + 8 lunges, etc
  • Every time we reached a pod of trees, pause for 5 WMD’s (5 wide merkins + 5 regular merkins + 5 diamond merkins).
  • Repeated until we reached Twisted Taco awning and circled up.

10 count

Doomsday Clock: Boat-to-V-Up

We had time for one more Doomsday Clock. Same general idea as before, except all PAX held the yoga Boat pose while going around the circle with each PAX in turn doing a V-Up. Mumble chatter was music to YHC’s ears. The count reached about 85 when Piggy was the last man boating. Piggy was the winner on the day of Doomsday Clock challenge – which is great, but did we mention he also owns a fallout shelter and has been stockpiling gold and canned goods for years?


Ended the morning in fine fashion: J-Lo, Dolly, LBC, Gas Pumper, mayhap some others YHC forgot.


Prayers for Jimbo’s 3yo 2.0 Emma who had a late-night trip to the ER last night with a broken arm; prayers for Mama and Jimbo as they nurse the baby chick with the broken wing. Prayers for YHC’s parents’ summer move to N. GA and for team Popper to have hearts of grace. Prayers for Simba’s grandfather’s passing and the extended family’s grieving amidst the joy of having their new lion cub. Gratitude for all PAX’s babies and grace for tired parents. Prayers for all who are travelling, sick, or were otherwise providentially hindered from posting. Grace to YHC for any unintended omissions from this morning’s prayer requests.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Wednesday at The Hooch always ends with Coffeeteria. Dough Boy posted for coffee. This morning’s F3 podcast topic was LDP, or Leadership Development Plan, which includes schooling, apprenticeship, opportunity and failure. After soon discovering that the normally perfect Starbucks coffee contained soap, cat pee, or some combination of soap and cat pee, any opportunity for a focused discussion was shot. Thus for the most part the PAX fellowshipped which seemed like what we needed this morning anyway. Also, remember YHC’s promise to WaHo staff to return after their morning rescue? One soap-less, cat-pee-less WaHo coffee later, the favor was returned.


Blessed to lead these men in the gloom this morning, and to labor beside them as we all get stronger.

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