AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/28/2019


PAX (8): Pitstop, Cookie, Lefty, Devito, Lumberg, Pinkey, Heidi, M.T.


YHC figured it would be a smaller crew following the holiday weekend and Murph.  We had four post who did the Murph so that was a positive note.


A mosey up Milton around the perimeter of the park took us to Children of the Corn where we did the typical warm up stuff.  Pitstop managed to also find us here.

The Thang:

A trip over to the Community Center Wall where we lined up for some Donkey Dan’s.  1:3 ratio Mercans to Donkey kicks.  Lots of audible groans for those who remember this.  A break at 7:21 to catch our breath and we powered to 10:30

After a Quick Wall sit to reduce latic acid, we moseyed to the track for some partner Dora.

100 Reps of Mountain Goats (more audible sighs)
200 Lunges
300 LBC’s

Burpee’s for the six.  A mosey to the planters for a set of 20 derkins and 20 step ups and 2 minutes left got us back to the flag at 6:15 on the nose.


Prayers for Cookie’s Grandparents as they deal with failing health


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeteeria for 3.
The team put in hard work today
An Honor to lead!

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