The Den Launches

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/28/2019

QIC: Boomer

PAX (10): Boomer, FNG Tater Tot, Splinter, Wood Chip, Stickers, Hollywood, Pooh Bear, Homer, FNG Green Screen, FNG Projectile


The Den, an AO built for fathers and sons to inflict maximum pain on each other, launched this morning in the heart of the Alpha region. This may never have the largest numbers, but it will certainly leave a huge impact on the next generation of young lions.


Mosey around the parking lot. Warmup of SSH, weedpickers, squats, and merkins.

The Thang:

Mosey to the baseball field for an elevator. Start at home plate. Bear crawl to first and do 10 burpees. Lunge to 2nd base and do 20 mountain climbers. Broad jump to 3rd and do 30 flutter kicks. Bernie Sanders to home and do 40 SSHs. Plank for the 6. Time to go back down the escalator. Repeat but with running, shuffling, and Bernie Sandersing.

Indian run a couple laps around the field.

Mosey to a pavilion for modified Dora. 100 derkins, 100 dips, and 100 step-ups. Partner running to the lighted bathrooms and back.

Still time for Jack Webb and Mary.


  • Plenty to pray about. Thankful for Pooh Bear and Homer supporting the launch even without sons.
  • First prophetic naming. Projectile named because of his passion for Nerf. Then proceeds to projectile spew his apple juice after the COT.
  • Reminder that we, as men, need to consistently choose to embrace the difficult. And that starts by climbing out of the fartsack, posting, and completing the last round of burpees, merkins, or LBCs. And we can’t do it alone. YHC posts because other men are counting on me. And we complete the difficult because the man next to you hasn’t quit either. Now is the time to invite our sons into this leadership.

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