Memorial Day Murph

AO: The Wreck

When: 05/27/2019


PAX (26): Grease Monkey, Squeak, Sprocket, Tebow, Squeegee, Green Bean, Stroller, Foley, Crab Legs, Sleeper, Caffeine, Switch, TP, Virginia Slim, Sellout, Swamp Donkey, Bieber, Goat, Wide Right,Tubbs, Circus, Boomstick, Rusty, Double-D, Tweaker, AFLAC


With a City Hall backdrop decked to the nines for the largest Memorial Day celebration in the state, 26 PAX met at the Faces of War Memorial for a special edition of the Murph, a BD originally designed by Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient, Michael Murphy.  As 0630 approached and PAX arriving in droves from multiple AO’s, it was time to pack an honest 20# and get some work done.


Leaving the shovel flag to accompany it’s brethren at the Memorial, YHC led PAX on a short mosey across the street to the large circle across from Mac McGees for the following:

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Weed Pickers
  • Toy Soldiers

The Masters division of Virginia Slim and Sell-out led a continued mosey toward The Wreck, with a full complement of boisterous PAX doing their level best to wake up a sleepy Canton St.  Q believes he was reminded by Grease Monkey on multiple occasions that said mosey was a good bit further than a mile, but an extra 20# has a funny way of affording some latitude to ignore complaints.


The Thang:

Arriving at the playground, the instructions were simple and clear – 10 rounds of the following:

  • 10 Pull-Ups
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats

With plenty of apparatus available, PAX spread out and got busy.  Great work accomplished by all, and some smart alternatives performed by PAX looking for some modifications.  Q must admit that he wasn’t entirely confident in his ability to knock out 100 Pull-Ups with the extra baggage.  Nonetheless, despite some less-than-impressive form towards the end, he managed to grind through round 10 before losing steam.

With 715 on the clock and early finishers leading Mary, YHC announced that it was time to wrap it up and start heading for home.  Some buzz amongst the PAX about calling it a day at CLC, so Q made sure to let the boys know that a special treat was waiting for them back at the flag.  Despite a good number of PAX absolutely sure this was Q’s way of adding Burpees, YHC managed to convince all but 2 to make the full journey home.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by YHC’s good friend and neighbor, Sgt Van Cunningham.  For the non-Magnolia Walker’s that don’t know Van, he’s a Vietnam veteran and all-around great guy who was more than willing to come say a word to the PAX during this special day.  The man loves a crowd, and he was truly blown away when surrounded by 26 thankful and attentive HIMs.


After a quick count and name-o-rama, it was time to grant the floor to Van, who spent about 10 minutes talking about his service in Da Nang and his comrades that never returned from Vietnam.  Van also took time to read a very profound article that he wrote back in 2017 to express his feeling about our flag and what it means to be an American (YHC will attempt to share a copy).  It was quite a moment for YHC, watching 26 PAX listen attentively to a Vietnam Veteran talk about what Memorial day means to him.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Q always appreciates the opportunity to lead the PAX, and doing so on a day like today is truly an honor.  We have an unbelievably special group of HIMs in this region who consistently step up to meet the occasion head-on and with enthusiasm.  It’s days like today that makes Q honored to be in the presence of these men.

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