21 Gun Salute for Our Fallen Heroes

AO: The Grindstone

When: 05/27/2019

QIC: Bell, Inseam

PAX (15): Bell, Inseam, Whiz, McDuff, Dumpster, Olaf, Benny, Saint2O, Snowden, Dabo, Pi, Floss (2.0 FNG), Aquaman (2.0 FNG), Obiwan (2.0 FNG), Slicer (2.0 FNG)


We decided on a special 1 hour Memorial Day Beatdown so Inseam and myself took up the Q to honor our fallen service men.


After a quick jog through the enchanted forest we circled up for the following:

15 x SSH

10 x Weed Pickers

8 x Good Mornings

10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang:

We moseyed over to the football field and grabbed some coupons to start our 21 Gun Salute.  For the first round we Lunge Walked with our coupon to the 10 yard line from the goal line.  We did this all the way down the field stopping at each 10 yard marker to do the following:

21 x Curls

21 x Skullcrushers

21 x Bent Over Rows

21 x Shoulder Presses

21 x Big Boy Sit Ups w/ Coupon

21 x American Hammers w/ Coupon

21 x Rocks Up

21 x Goblet Squats

21 x Curls

We ran our coupons back to the start and we rinsed and repeated sans coupons, with a mix of Bear Crawls, Broad Jumps, Crawl Bears, and Carioca between each 10 yards.

21 x Merkins

21 x Mountain Climbers

21 x Plank Jacks

21 x LBCs

21 x Dying Cockroaches

21 x Leg Lifts

21 x Squats

21 x Lunges

21 x Ranger Merkins

We finished by racing back to the start.  We then did a 21 BlackJack starting with 1 Merkin and 20 Big Boys with a run in between and working our way down to 20 Merkins and 1 Big Boy.  With a few minutes to spare we did a quick round of Dan Taylors to a 3 count and wrapped things up with 20 Rosalitas and 10 J. Lo’s


We prayed for both our active service members and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to be able enjoy the freedoms we have today.  John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

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