Ode to a Fartsacker

AO: The Gladiator

When: 05/23/2019

QIC: Delicious

PAX (10): Scrum, Viking, Laces, Mufasa, Scar, Spandex, Defcon2, Twitch, Moonshine, Delicious


I once had the need for pain,

Cause Delicious was Q’ing again.

I called him out on Slack,

and then I fartsacked

Oh how I’ve lost my brain.  — Anonymous

Spandex’ beatdown on Tuesday must’ve really hurt everyone, because hardly anyone showed up for Cinders part II.  YHC wasn’t fazed though.  Instead, he took the pax that did show up on a trip down Memory Lane.


A quick mosey around the parking lot, incorporating high-knees, karaoke and butt-kickers to warm us up, and then partnerships each with a cinder to the Pitch.

The Thang:

Moved to the opposite penalty box, where we started:
Partner 1: Mosey to midfield, drop for five burpees, mosey to the other penalty box, five more burpees, mosey back to midfield for a third set of five, and then return.
Partner 2: Curls with the cinder.
Switch places, once partner 2 completes his set, each partner does ten more burpees, then plank for the six.
Rinse and repeat, swapping merkins (ten each spot) for the burpees and shoulder presses for the curls.
An Indian run around the pitch, and then the third set, with bent-over rows and leg raises.
Final set with flutters and goblet squats
We then did suicides, one to midfield and one to the opposite penalty box
Moved the cinders to the end line, then return to midfield for so Jack Webbs (up to 10)
One more Indian run around the pitch to the cinders, where Tebow’s good friend Bonnie Blair made an appearance (25 each leg).
Back to the flag for some Mary (American Hammer, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters and an alphabet draw until we ran out of time). Many thanks to DC2, Scar, Viking and Moonshine for the Mary. YCH feels like there’s one missing…


Prayers for the Kaiser family, to Viking’s family and Moonshine’s daughter on their trips. Hope she has fun in SpaceCamp! Prayers and strength to all as we progress throughout our day and all days.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all for coming out and supporting me.  It was a privilege to lead you this morning!  Looking forward to retribution from the fartsackers.  Oh and a special shoutout to Viking for the jam mix this morning!

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