Hot and Lathered

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/23/2019

QIC: Pellets

PAX (11): Cookie, Trebek, Heidi, Pinkey, Stifler, Miller Time, Devito, Trebek, Oker, Zima, Jackelope


Rolled up on the Pax with 30 seconds to spare after hill repeats with Miller Time.  Gasping for air and already drenched with sweat was looking forward to keeping it going with the Pax.




The Thang:

The Thang 1:

After posting last night to get ready for an upper body explosion we went right to the legs/chest.

4 sets of 10 box jump and rotating (merkins, derkins, merkins, derkins).  Shout out to Zima here for completely following the rotation I was going for here.

After a quick Mary for the Six we moseyed to the rock pile to pick out a companion that would be our bring along friend.  After the section show we moseyed to Field of Dreams.

The Thang 2:

With rock run to 1B for 50 curls, run to 2B for 50 bent over rows, run to 3B for 50 skull crushers, and back to home for 50 overheads.  After this round we lined up at home plate and did some sprint work to the outfield fence and jog back X 3.

Quick 10 count to get some air back in the lungs and did a reversal of fortune same exercises as above but started at 3B and went backwards T Ball style.  After this round we did 2 more sprint sets to the outfield and jog back.  Devito was calling for 10 rounds and will keep in mind for the next time.

The Thang 3:

We moseyed to the hill with our coupons and partnered up.  Partner carry up to the top of the hill then 25 Merkins at the top and 25 squats at the bottom.  We went through 4 rounds of this crowd pleaser.  Our Mary for the six turned into more curls with coupon and then kept it going as the Six wrapped up with 25 curls, 25 rows, 25 skulls, and 25 overheads.

Back to the flag and time for one more sprint.  Trebek once again proved that age is just a number and made us all look slow with his sprint skills.  5 minutes of Mary including some Diamond Merkins hammered out the pecs.


Murph Challenge coming up this Memorial Day.  If in town don’t miss this one.

TP for Stifler’s appraisal and home purchase.

Mayhem on his job search.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work today men.  Always a blast to be out here with you guys and pushing ourselves to new limits.  Hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend and see you next week.

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