Sleeveless Wednesday

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/22/2019

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (18): Scrooge, Saint2O, Readymix, Boomer, Piggy, Sneakers, Sunshine, Homer, El Matador, Popper, Curry, Hamburglar, Pooh Bear, Meatball, Feathers, Ballboy, Goldfinger (FNG), Shingles (FNG)


We had 5 for the pre-run, which was a pretty good showing, and when we returned to the flag, there was a small group already arrived, and more began to show up. We had heard that there was a high chance of 2 FNGs today (YHC won’t get into Popper’s statistics), and sure enough, they both showed up, yeah!


Mosey around the parking lot (by the way, it was sleeveless Wednesday, but YHC forgot to tell the other PAX, and Flo wasn’t there, so it was just YHC doing it today)

Then the following, in cadence:
Side straddle hop
Weed pickers
Imperial walkers
Morroccan night clubs

The Thang:

Indian run while the person at the front holds up a 10 lb medicine ball, and passes it off when the person from the back makes it to the front.

Stopped at Homer’s Donut for some…Homer’s Donut (bear crawl around the roundabout).

More Indian run to the steps by the track. At this point we put down the ball for later.

Next, head to the stadium seating for an Arm Ladder, which was 15 Erkins then 14 Dips, and so on, until you get down to 1 Erkin. Most people understood how that worked. But it took longer than YHC had planned.

We then headed down to the actual track. Starting next week, we lose access to the track to the CAA staff’s 5:30 club, so YHC figured we better make use of it today. The plan was to do a “No Mercy Mile”. That is where you run both the straight sides, bear crawl one end, and lunge walk the other end, with 25 merkins at the middle on one side, and 25 squats at the middle on the other side. However, since this is a 200m track, we would need 8 laps to get to a mile, we cut the merkins and squats to 12 each, and the plan was to do 8 laps.

After 3 laps, YHC called an audible and we switched the bear crawls to run. We got 5 or 6 laps in, and then time was running short. We headed back up the steps and looked back longingly at the track, we will miss you this summer…

Grab the ball and do some more “front ball indian run” back to the flag. There may have been some calf raises at Homer’s donut, and some lateral throwing of the ball near the end.

Back at the flag one minute over, so no time for Mary.


Welcome Goldfinger, who’s from Dahlonega and Shingles who works in the roofing biz.

Prayers for kids finishing up the school year, and having a safe summer, as well as prayers for work stability and wisdom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great work today everyone. It was a doozy, for sure, and to think that my weinke had even more planned. That beats the opposite, right?

Honored to lead today, looking forward to many more with this fine group of HIM!

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