L.E.T.S. D.O. T.H.I.S

AO: The Rubicon

When: 05/16/2019

QIC: Zima

PAX (24): Devito, Chapter 11, Whiz, Trebek, Lowes, Hoochie, Scar, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Heidi, Oker, Pellets, Stu, Jackalope, Lefty, Lumbergh, Pinkie, Stiffler, Bayside Waffles, Pitstop, Mayhem, Ha-Ha, Zima


In honor of our brother Lowes moving up to the city of brotherly love, it only felt fitting that we paid tribute to the origin of his name. LETS DO THIS


Good numbers were gathering for the swan song for Lowes. After the standard disclaimer it was time for mosey to the parking lot by the pool for the warm up.

Warm up:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weedpicker, Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Once the warmup was over it was time to LET’s DO THIS! I had an exercise for every letter. And had the best intentions for each….of course even the Q has to modify

L= Lunge walk with high knee from west end of parking lot to flag

E= was supposed to be Empty wheelbarrow aka crab walk with partner holding legs. We got maybe 1/4 of the way before I changed that to a backwards run and then a forward run around the baseball field.

T= once we made it to the other end of the field, it was a brief mosey to the playground for Thunderstruck. Merkin for every time you hear “thunder”

S=San Antonio Shuffle was next – Left leg lunge, right leg lunge, burpee, plank jack

D= mosey to the other playground on far west side of park for Diamond Merkins. Did as many as I could until I couldn’t bear listening to Ha-Ha singing Neil Diamond

O= Ollie North’s: 2 rounds of party carry’s from the wall to the bridge

T= We moseyed to the FOD for a round of T-Bombs

H= Happy Jacks = 5SSH+2jump squats, rinse and repeat until you reached 20 SSH’s

I= Indian Run around FOD

S= Step Up until it was time to mosey back to the flag.

One round of Mary and it was 6:15.


Alpha Ruck continuing throughout the Alpha.  Check Slack for details of days and times

Praise for Miller Time for his 3 year Anniversary of joining F3

Prayer’s to Mayhem and his former collegues who were laid off.

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