Have you seen my backpack?

AO: The Hooch

When: 05/20/2019

QIC: Hamburglar

PAX (18): Saint20, Boomer, Flo, ReadyMix, Zohar, el Vira, Popper, Pooh Bear, Stickers, Piggy, Feathers, Homer, Scrooge, Sunshine, El Matador, Curry, Meatball


today throughout the workout the PAX passed a 20 pound Ruck Sack from man to man in honor of Tigger so that we could put it in the backblast and let him know we  are wishing him the best.




Mosey 200 yards with side steps, high knees, and leg kicks

circle up for weed pickers, imperial walkers, ssh’s, and one or two more YHC cannot remember

The Thang:

Mosey to hurricanes

YHC called windmills and did arm circles.  Rookie move.  Followed up with arm circles and backward arm circles.  Some PAX members protested the nomenclature of “backward arm circles” by continuing with regular arm circles while facing backwards.  Ha ha very funny.

Mosey to Homer’s donut.

Move to adjacent parking lot for 4 sets of partner exercises.  One partner runs lines while other partner does rubber band exercises, and merkins.  Dips while waiting for 6 between each set.

YHC was next to Feathers during these sets ….with the 20 lb ruck sack on his back he kept up with the fastest in the group and out ran and out merkined YHC by a long shot.  Impressive work.


New exercise next was Homer’s Nut-Doah.  This is the same as Homer’s Donut except with a crawl bear instead of a bear crawl.

Crab walk, bear crawl, lunge, broad hop, and mosey across field to get closer to home.

Mosey home.

3 minutes of Mary.




Boomer made an announcement about an event on Memorial Day called something like the Murph

boomer made an announcement about the switch to doing Friday workouts at Bushwood CC.  YHC cannot remember when this starts.

prayers for Homer for his business meeting, prayers of thanks for Hollywood taking to F3 and for Stickers leading him there, and prayers for Splinters recovery and quick return.

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