Viking hands out $50 bills to PAX who attend Saturday Beatdown

AO: The Gladiator

When: 05/18/2019

QIC: Viking

PAX (6): Viking, Heidi, Twitch, Blackbox, Transporter , Kegger



Gotcha: That title was total click-bait. Now that I have you, stick around for the real story:

There was a lot of of Slack chatter last week about the fate of the Saturday Gladiator beatdown… would it survive another week? Would it be the quickest AO to start and simultaneously end? On it’s death bed, the Saturday beatdown fought for it’s life… Foolishly treating it like an ex-girlfriend, Viking decided to give it one more chance… YHC signed for the Q mid-week to try and keep the little momentum going. Spirits were lifted on Friday when (1) Twitter blew up about a potential Transporter visit on Saturday and (2) Viking’s work email showed a message from Heidi (a recent FNG at the Rubicon) that read “Are you Viking?” I figured Heidi saw a few marketing messages posted on Slack (thanks to Stroller and Kegger). So knowing that we would have some F3 neighbors attending, Viking decided to just bring Portable DJ, Wendy, and 3 discs on Saturday morning and then see where the chips fell; there was little planning, besides getting a “F3 Playlist – Kegger” setup on Amazon music and instructing  Kegger to bring his 3 discs as well.

Well, Kegger showed up, but he didn’t bring his discs. He also didn’t bring his disc golf game, which you can read about below…  But Twitch (FNG on Thursday) came back for seconds and had 2 discs with him, and he DID bring his disc golf game (read below about Twitch’s disc golf skillz). Also present at 0700 were Blackbox, Transporter, and Heidi.

Wendy jumped on my back, Portable DJ jumped in Wendy’s pouch, disclaimer was given, playlist began, and then YHC had to decide which way to run… “Let’s go to the Field of Dreams.”



The PAX moseyed around the upper Field of Dreams. Viking noticed that some cones were evenly placed on one of the fields, which would come in handy later… We eventually made it to the middle pavilion between all of the fields, and we did SSH, stepups, Dips, planks, and Sun Gods (sobriety style).

Some of the early music selections were purposefully interesting, as YHC was looking to put the PAX through some early morning mental abuse… mumble chatter ensued and Kegger quickly wanted to remove his name from the playlist… YHC told them to stick it out, as the better songs were coming later in the BD.


The Thang:

YHC led the PAX back to the cones, and made up some exercises.

Bear Crawl to first cone, then crab walk to 2nd cone. Once you get to the 2nd cone, you do 5 burpees. Then you Bear crawl to next cone, crab walk to 2nd cone, etc… There had to be 20 cones out there, so we got some good work in as we worked our way from the right field to the left field. It is here were Transporter first showed his fitness! He is  a beast!

We then moseyed back to right field, exited the field, and worked our way to the pull-up station for some Morning Call. Each PAX pushed out 5-10 pullups while the rest of the PAX did planks and merkins.

We then moseyed north on Fouts road, mixed in some Mary along the way, worked our way through the dog park, did some step-ups on the stairs, and moseyed to Hole #1. It was 0735, and the real fun was about to begin…. Inspired by last week’s Saturday beatdown from Shrinkage, it was time for some disc golf!

Hole 1 – Throw disc, do 5 Merkins, run to disc, repeat. Plank for the six once done with the hole. (Kegger’s 1st throw got eaten up by the ERP forest. It was ironic, because Kegger was talking some smack to Viking on Slack regarding Viking’s lack of disc golf skills last week. The PAX searched high and low for the disc, which should have been out in the open somewhere, but we could not find it. YHC thinks a team of demonic squirrels stole the disc and stored it away in some tree trunk… it’s the only logical explanation.)

Hole 2 – Throw, do 5 BBS, run to disc, repeat.

Hole 3 – Throw, do 5 Plank Jacks, run to disc, repeat

Hole 4 – Throw, do 3 Burpees, run to disc, repeat.

Hole 5 – Throw, do 10 Smurf-Jacks, run to disc, repeat.

Let it be known that Twitch is a gamer. I asked if he played disc golf much, and he said something like “yeah, you could say that.” I’m pretty sure he is an Olympian disc golf thrower. It’s the only logical explanation.

It was 0757, so the PAX moseyed back to the “flag” (YHC forgot to pick up the flag from Scar/Spandex) and closed in some COT.


Twitch mentioned a family whose 3 year-old died due to impact with weedkiller. Prayers were lifted for the family.

Some other prayer requests might have been raised, so I apologize if I’m forgetting them on this post…

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Throughout the BD, Transporter repeatedly praised the quality of our park. This reminded/provoked me to not take our beautiful Roswell/Alpharetta parks for granted! We are truly blessed to have so many public parks available to us.

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